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Philadelphia School & Community IPM Partnership (PSCIP) Brochure (Spanish version) (PDF)
Publish Date: 2008-08-30
Author/Source: PSCIP
Description: Information about training and services. (Spanish version)
State: Pennsylvania
Burbuja Seca Causada por Verticillium
Author/Source: D. Beyer, P. Wuest, J. Kremser, Pennsylvania State University
Description: Spanish version
State: Pennsylvania
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Las Plagas y la Salud de Nuestros Niños: ¿Por qué IPM? (PDF)
Publish Date: 2008-08-30
Author/Source: PA IPM Program/PSCIP
Description: A general overview of the most common pests found in early education environments and a description of Integrated Pest Management (Spanish version)
State: Pennsylvania
Pros and Cons of Current SWD Monitoring Tools
Publish Date: 2016-04-21
Author/Source: Hannah Burrack, Vaughn Walton, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, Rufus Isaacs
Description: This recorded webinar is in Spanish and compares positives and negatives of current SWD monitoring tools. This video is also in MP3 format.
States/Regions: Mid-Atlantic, New England, Northeast
Pesticidas y Alternativas: Reducir Riesgos Usando IPM (PDF)
Publish Date: 2008-08-30
Author/Source: PA IPM Program/PSCIP
Description: Covers pesticides and environmental toxins commonly found in early education environments. Participants learn to read labels and troubleshoot actual scenarios that require IPM. (Spanish version)
State: Pennsylvania
Hojas informativas en español
Author/Source: Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences
Description: Una collección amplia de hojas informativas en español sobre una variedad de plagas agricoleras, urbanas, y del hogar. An extensive collection of fact sheets on a variety of agricultural and urban pests in Spanish.
State/Region: Northeast
Safe Control: Cockroaches & Rodents: Using IPM in Your Neighborhood
Publish Date: 2004
Author/Source: R. Chaput, S. Frantz, A. Henderson, M. Hiester, S. Ito, S. Lehrman, A. Reicher
Description: "The Red Book" is a photo-filled guide about IPM in neighborhoods. The guide is dependent on photos and has minimal text. Available in both English and Spanish. Order through EPA.
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Manejo Integrado de Plagas: Curiculo para los Establecimientos de Cuidado y Educacion Temprana de Ninos (PDF)
Publish Date: 2012
Author/Source: California Department of Public Health
Description: SPANISH Curriculum for IPM in child care facilities
States/Regions: California, National
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Conversación Intima entre Amigas sobre las Chinches de Cama - Bed Bug Conversation between Friends (Spanish)
Publish Date: 2015-02-10
Author/Source: PA IPM Program (Penn State University)
Description: Maria Gorgo-Gourovitch, PA IPM's Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, and Lisette Rivera, a child care consultant, were filmed having a "conversation" about bed bugs and a sensible response.
State/Region: Northeast
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Tipulido Europo (PDF)
Publish Date: 2006
Author/Source: D. C. Peck, NYS IPM
Description: Spanish version of European Crane Fly information
State: New York
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La mosca de alas manchadas: Una plaga de frutos pequeños en Nueva Jersey (PDF)
Publish Date: 2017
Author/Source: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Caryn Michel, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, Anne L. Nielsen, Dean Polk)
Description: Spanish language SWD fact sheet: La mosca de alas manchadas (SWD por sus siglas en ingles), Drosophila suzukii Matsumura es una especie de mosca del vinagre y puede dañar severamente una gran variedad de cultivos tales como arándanos, moras, cerezas, frambuesas y fresas.
State: New Jersey
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El Chinche Apestoso Marrón Marmolado (PDF)
Publish Date: 2013
Author/Source: Chris Hedstrom, Nik Wiman, Vaughn Walton, Peter Shearer, Silvia Rondon, Jana Lee
Description: Biología e identificación del chinche apestoso márron marmolado (CAMM), en español. Biology and identification of the brown marmorated stink bug, in Spanish.
State/Region: National
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Chinche Apestoso (o Vaquiña) Marrón Mármol
Publish Date: 2010
Author/Source: Steve Jacobs; translation: Edgar Martinez & Elba Hernandez
Description: El chinche apestoso márron marmolado (CAMM) es una plaga grave de frutas, vegetales y cultivos agrícolas en los Estados Unidos. Información en español. The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is a serious pest of fruit, vegetables, and other agricultural crops in the United States. Information in Spanish.
State/Region: Northeast
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West Nile Virus Resources
Author/Source: CA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation, CA Dept. of Health Services, U.S. CDC
Description: Links to resources about mosquito control and West Nile virus. Some in Spanish.
State: California
University of Kentucky's Bed Bug Basics
Publish Date: 2012
Author/Source: University of Kentucky, Department of Entomology/ Michael Potter
Description: The University of Kentucky Entomology Department offers a quick reference article that gives viewers handy reference on bed bug basics. This article features full color photos and information on bed bug habits, tips to prevent infestation, tips for travelers, resources for those dealing with infestation, and more. This article is also available in Spanish. *NOTE: The pesticide information referenced in this article is only valid in the state of Kentucky.
State: Kentucky
The Tenant's Role in IPM
Publish Date: 2010
Author/Source: Allison Taisey and Chris Julian
Description: A video on the resident's role in IPM in public housing. Intended for low income housing residents. Video available in English and Spanish language, with subtitles available in each language.
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Help! It's a Roach: A Roach Prevention Activity Book for Kids
Publish Date: 2007
Author/Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency
Description: This workbook educates kids about cockroaches and their control. A well-illustrated fun activity book. Website links to an online activity site in English or Spanish.
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Plagas y enfermedados de chiles et pimientos (PDF)
Publish Date: 2004
Author/Source: Marzo, Cornell University
State: New York
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SWD Population Modeling
Author/Source: Hannah Burrack, Vaughn Walton, Rodriguez-Saona Cesar, Rufus Isaacs
Description: SWD Webinar - includes information on the biology, current management, biocontrol options and population models.
States/Regions: Mid-Atlantic, New England, Northeast, Southeast
Don't Let Bed Bugs Bite!
Author/Source: Michigan Dept of Health
Description: Several publications in several languages on treating, managing and preventing bed bugs.
States/Regions: Michigan, National
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