School IPM Best Practices

Outdoor BMPs: Fence-lines

BMPS for Fence-lines in Grassy Areas, Mulched Areas, or Other Unpaved Areas

  • Determine a threshold for weed tolerance (ex: no poison ivy but will ignore goosegrass)
  • Deal with weeds when they are small and less established
  • Aim to remove complete plant and root when weeding
  • Continual knock back (removal of leaves) will eventually starve roots of some persistent plants without use of pesticides
  • Establish a management plan (IPM) for long-term success based on thresholds and treatment options
  • For playground fences, install a weed barrier such as weed-proof landscape fabric covered with a significant layer of wood mulch, rubber matting or rubber mulch
  • Use string-trimmer or heat treatments (flamer or hot water steam)
  • For fence-lines in grassy areas, consider impermeable material such as concrete, underlain with weed-proof landscape fabric
  • Consider options of low-maintenance ground covers able to out-compete weeds in troublesome areas

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