Integrated Pest Management for Schools

An IPM Management Plan, a Program of an Environmental Management System

As someone tasked with managing environmental and operational issues in school buildings, it is helpful to have a comprehensive system for identifying, delegating, and completing hundreds of tasks.

We have provided the following framework to assist you in this process. It is based on the Environmental Management System (EMS) model, which is a comprehensive, systematic way to identify, prioritize, and manage environmental issues. The EMS model provides the framework for schools to develop policies and training, identify regulations and compliance issues, assign roles and responsibilities, enhance record-keeping systems, implement standard operating procedures, etc. to accomplish this. Our goal is to assist your efforts to keep your schools healthy, within budget, and in compliance with state requirements.

Within an EMS, we use environmental management plans (EMP) to address specific environmental issues. We have provided the following guidance documents and tools below to help you easily develop a customized IPM Plan or enhance your existing IPM system, regardless of whether you have an EMS.

We have organized the following information using the EMS framework on the left. There are several types of document to aide you. Some documents provide reference and background information, while others are tools that you can customize for your own use. We recommend that you review the Environmental Management System document first to understand how we organized the information and the framework that we suggest using it in.

Please click on the links below to download and access the documents.

EMP Component Type of Document or Information Document

Environmental Management System



State IPM


Statement — Provides Points to Address, Language to Customize


Structure — Types of People and Their Roles

Roles and Responsibilities

Matrix Sample — Vendor, Municipal Dept, District, School Departments, Staff

IPM Roles & Responsibilities

Communication and Notifications


Operational Controls (Standard Operating Procedures)

IPM Coordinator

Food Service

Classroom Teachers

Custodial Staff


Facility Manager



IPM Team or Advisory Committee

Operational Controls

Contract Specifications

Contracting for Pest Management Services

Indoor Assessment Tools and IPM Plans

Starting Your IPM Program

Outdoor IPM Assessment Tools and Plans

Recordkeeping/Document Control

Overview of Recordkeeping and Document Control System





Training Content







Compliance Audit

Program Audit — Policies, Procedures, Training, etc.