Funded Projects

Latest Project Outcomes

October 17, 2013 Northeast Small Fruit IPM Working Group and Pest Issues Tour

Gathered IPM stakeholders from multiple disciplines to share information about controlling and managing pests in small fruits.

October 17, 2013 Integrating IPM into a School Environmental Management Systems Plan

Compiled existing IPM materials into an Environmental Management System (EMS) format to make it easier for school facilities to integrate IPM into their routine maintenance activities.

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The PPMS was developed at the NSF Center for IPM with input from the National IPM Evaluation Group (NIPMEG), and funded in part by a grant from USDA-ARS to the Northeastern IPM Center.

IPM Projects Funded through Our Center

Are you curious about all the regional IPM research and outreach that has benefitted our environment, health, and economy over the years? Ever wanted to know more about a specific IPM project, or see all the work addressing a particular pest?

The Proposal and Project Management System (PPMS) is a searchable database that houses information on more than 300 regional IPM projects funded through four different grant programs since 1996. For each project, the system provides data on project directors, institutions, and funding amounts. Many of the records include project summaries, objectives, and impacts, as well as links to related reports and publications.

Applying for grants through our Center

The PPMS also serves an administrative (nonpublic) function that allows grants managers, applicants, and panelists to submit and retrieve project information efficiently in a central online location.

U.S. Interagency IPM Projects Database

Information in our database feeds into the U.S. Interagency IPM Projects database, a national system for IPM projects across the country.