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August 19, 2014 The Northeastern IPM Center Is Hiring!

Two positions are open at the Northeastern IPM Center, located in Ithaca, NY: an Extension Educator and a Program/Evaluations Specialist.

July 22, 2014 USDA Researchers Identify Stink Bug Attractant

USDA researchers have deciphered the chemical signals BMSB uses to attract other stink bugs, opening the door to the development of new traps and pest control technologies.

July 15, 2014 Enhancing Food Security in the Northeast

This month’s feature article from CSA News covers food security in the region, including production capacity, supply chains, and predictive models of future change.

July 14, 2014 IR-4 Food Use and Biopesticide Workshops

The annual IR-4 Food Use Program priority-setting workshop is being held Sept. 9–10 in Atlanta, Georgia. New this year is a Biopesticide and Organic Support Program priority-setting workshop.

May 6, 2014 IPM3 Courses Now Approved for Certified Crop Advisor CEUs in IPM

Course topics include IPM core concepts, weeds, plant diseases, invasive species, and fire ants.

Job Opportunities

August 19, 2014 Job Opportunity: Program/Evaluations Specialist at the NEIPM Center

This position will enhance connections with existing stakeholders and build rapport with underserved audiences, contribute to the strategic planning for the NEIPM Center, serve as a liaison to IPM working groups, and assess IPM courses and certification programs.

August 19, 2014 Job Opportunity: Extension Educator at the NEIPM Center

This position will help strengthen communities and address housing conditions that threaten human health; support IPM for low-income housing; and work with federal, regional, and state partners.

August 4, 2014 Job Opportunity: Colorado State University

The Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management is looking for two fungal plant pathologists to join the department. Learn more at the BSPM website and download the job description.