Priority Archives

For a list of current IPM priority documents, please view the Stakeholder Priorities page. Below is a list of archived priority documents.

Area of Focus Priorities Stakeholder Group Rev.
Field Crops Barley Nat. Barley Improvement Committee to USDA Conference on Plant and Pest Priorities 2005 2005
Rice USA Rice Federation to USDA Conference on Plant and Pest Priorities 2005 2005
Soybeans American Soybean Association 2007
Wheat National Association of Wheat Growers 2007
Fruit Apples Northeastern IPM Center: Eco Apple IPM Working Group 2008
Vegetables Garlic and Onions California Garlic and Onion Research Advisory Board 2009
Multiple Crops New York State IPM Program 2011
Vegetables and Strawberries Northeastern IPM Center: Vegetable IPM Working Group 2009
Specialty Crops Hops Northeastern IPM Center: Hops IPM Working Group 2011
Specialty Crops Specialty Crops Research Team 2007
Insect Pests and Pollinators Entomology Entomological Society of America 2007
Agriculture High Residue Cropping Systems Northeastern IPM Center: Mid-Atlantic High Residue Cropping Systems IPM Working Group on Slug Management 2011
Nematodes Society of Nematologists 2007
Organic Farming Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) 2009
Pest Management Alternatives Program (PMAP) Northeastern IPM Center’s Advisory Council 2009
Small Farms Northeastern IPM Center: Small Farms IPM Working Group 2011
Horticulture and Plant Science Agricultural Science and Technology Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 2007
Agroecology Ecological Society of America 2007
Agronomy and Crop Science ASA/CSSA/SSSA 2007
Horticulture American Society for Horticultural Science 2007
Microbiology American Society for Microbiology 2007
Nursery and Floriculture American Nursery and Landscape Association 2007
Plant and Pest Biology NASULGC 2007
Plant Breeding Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee 2007
Plant Disease Management American Phytopathological Society 2007
Weed Science Weed Science Society of America 2007
Community and Structural Bed Bugs EPA National Bed Bug Summit 2009
Community IPM Northeastern IPM Center: Community IPM Working Group 2009