Mailing address: Northeastern IPM Center, 340 Tower Rd/Rice Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: (607) 255-8815

Nancy Cusumano, Program/Extension Aide, plans for and meets the administrative needs of the Center’s staff by keeping records, managing the office, supervising students, and helping with meetings. Specifically, Nancy arranges meeting logistics; provides in-person support to staff; keeps accurate records and updates databases and project reports; ensures listservs and online rosters are up to date; and orders mailing and training supplies. (607) 255-8815

Chris Gonzales, Communication Specialist, develops communication projects for the Center and does research, writing, and editing. Chris has an MS in communications from Ithaca College and many years of experience working with higher education and philanthropic institutions. His professional interests include science journalism, which he practices by curating on Flipboard and writing and editing for Integrated Pest Management Insights. (607) 255-5523

Jana Hexter, Grants and Partnerships Coordinator, manages all aspects of Center grants and proposals and coordinates the Center’s Partnership Grants program while monitoring progress and expenditures. As the owner of Grants Champion, her own grant writing and training business, she has supported many entities in grant writing, consulting and training. Jana has written a book, Grant Writing Revealed, as well. (607) 592-1941

Kevin Judd, Web Administrator, maintains the Center’s website and is tasked with improving its design and functionality and managing databases. Kevin has a BFA in computer graphics from Syracuse University and a professional background in web development and graphic design. (607) 255-4726

Susannah Reese, Program Coordinator, coordinates the interagency effort on IPM training in Public Housing Authorities. She holds a MS from Slippery Rock University in natural resource management. Her professional background is in horticulture and pest management education with over 13 years of experience as an Extension educator. (607) 254-8990


Nancy Crider, Dion Lerman, Michael Swoyer, Deborah Young and Jayne Windham run trainings and provide technical assistance to trained affordable housing providers. Learn more at