Stakeholder Priorities

We gather research and extension priorities from regional stakeholders by funding working groups and Pest Management Strategic Plans, and by identifying priority lists from our partners.

See our Partnership Grant Program page for more information on funding for regional IPM priority-setting.

With input from our Advisory Council and experienced working group chairs, we developed a set of Priority-Setting Guidelines for working groups to follow.

Area of Focus Priorities Stakeholder Group Rev.
General IPM Pollinators Northeastern IPM Center 2013
Synergizing IPM and Organic Northeastern IPM Center 2013
Expanding Urban Agriculture Northeastern IPM Center 2013
Training the Next Generation of IPM Researchers and Practitioners Northeastern IPM Center 2013
Forecasting and Monitoring for Pests Northeastern IPM Center 2013
Developing IPM for Invasive Species Northeastern IPM Center 2013
IPM Road Map Stakeholders across the nation 2013
NEERA1004 Extension, Research, and Regulatory Priorities Northeast Region Technical Committee on IPM 2014
Fruit Grapes and Wine National Grape and Wine Initiative 2012
Small Fruit Northeastern IPM Center: Small Fruit IPM Working Group 2013
Tree Fruit Northeastern IPM Center: Tree Fruit IPM Working Group 2013
Vegetables Beets New York Vegetable Research Council 2014
Cabbage NYS Cabbage Research and Development Program Board of Directors 2013
Carrots New York Vegetable Research Council 2014
Cross Commodity New York Vegetable Research Council 2014
Dry Beans New York processing vegetable growers 2013
Multiple Crops New York State IPM Program 2011
Onions New York State Onion Industry Council 2012
Peas New York Vegetable Research Council 2014
Snap Beans and Lima Beans New York Vegetable Research Council 2014
Sweet Corn New York processing vegetable growers 2013
Specialty Crops Hops Northeastern IPM Center: Hops IPM Working Group 2011
Insect Pests and Pollinators Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Northeastern IPM Center: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug IPM Working Group 2014
Pollinators Northeast Pollinator IPM Working Group 2012
Spotted Wing Drosophila Spotted Wing Drosophila IPM Working Group 2013
Agriculture High Residue Cropping Systems Northeastern IPM Center: Mid-Atlantic High Residue Cropping Systems IPM Working Group on Slug Management 2011
Small Farms Northeastern IPM Center: Small Farms IPM Working Group 2011
Community and Structural School IPM Northeastern IPM Center: School IPM Working Group 2013


Older priorities are available on our Priority Archives page. If you know of other lists that should be on this page, contact the Northeastern IPM Center.