Spotted Lanternfly

Adult spotted lanternfly

Adult spotted lanternfly photo by Holly Raguza, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

A new working group is forming to address the spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula), an invasive plant hopper native to China, Vietnam, and India. The spotted lanternfly was confirmed in Pennsylvania in September 2014.

Informational Links

Spotted Lanternfly Pest Alert (PDF) This USDA-APHIS pest alert covers the spotted lanternfly. This invasive pest is primarily known to affect tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima).

Spotted Lanternfly Pest Alert A national pest alert issued by the Regional IPM Centers (updated April 2018).

Information about spotted lanternfly from Penn State Extension:

Spotted lanternfly page from Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture:

Spotted Lanternfly: Update on This New Invasive Pest [Video] Learn about spotted lanternfly and the current control strategies with Emelie Swackhamer from Penn State Extension and Shannon Herbst from Rainbow Treecare Scientific.

Invasive Insects Invade Pennsylvania/Chesapeake Bay: Update Several insects that aren’t native to Pennsylvania have invaded its forests, farm fields, and homes. Now, growers are sounding the alarm over the spotted lanternfly. Source: “Smart Talk,” WITF, Mar. 7, 2018.

Working Group Participants

Dave Biddinger, Penn State

Ed Rajotte, Penn State

Julie Urban, Penn State