Membership - Spotted-Wing Drosophila IPM Working Group

Members of the Spotted-Wing Drosophila IPM Working Group
Members of the Spotted-Wing Drosophila IPM Working Group.


John Abraham
Rutgers University

Paul Baker
NYSBGA, Exec. Director

Mike Biltonen
Red Jacket Orchards, NY

Jim Bittner
Singer Farms, NY

Debbie Breth
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Juliet Carroll
NYS IPM, Cornell University

Richard Cowles
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Kathy Demchak
Pennsylvania State University

Dennis Doyle
Atlantic Blueberry, New Jersey Blueberry Advisory Council

Steve Dygert
Fantasy Fruit Farm, NY

Jim Eve
Eve Farm Services, NY

Heather Faubert
University of Rhode Island

Pam Fisher
OMAFRA, Ontario

Harvey Fletcher
Fantasy Fruit Farm, NY

Valérie Fournier
Université Laval, Quebec

Bobby Galletta
Atlantic Blueberry

George Hamilton
University of New Hampshire

David Handley
University of Maine

Ann Hazelrigg
University of Vermont

Cathy Heidenreich
Cornell University

Matt Holden
Cornell University

Peter Jentsch
Cornell University

Tomas Johnson
Silferleaf Farm, MA

Neelendra Joshi
Penn State

Emily Klamberg-Cook
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Glen Koehler
University of Maine

Carrie Koplinka-Loehr
Northeastern IPM Center

Liette Lambert
Quebec Ministry of Agriculture

Greg Loeb
Cornell University

Laura McDermott
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Chuck Mead
Meads Orchards, NY

Debra Moreau
Atlantic Canada

Anne Nielsen
Rutgers University

Nate Nourse
Nourse Farms, MA; NARBA President

Dean Polk
Rutgers University

Brian Reeves
Reeves Farm, NY

Rick Reisinger
Reisinger’s Apple Country, NY

Maude Richard
Agro Pomme, Quebec

Dale Ila Riggs
The Berry Patch, NYSBGA President

Cesar Rodriguez-Saona
Rutgers University

Sonia Schloemann
University of Massachusetts

Kevin Schooley
NASGA, Ontario Berry Growers Assn.

Bruce Smith
High Hopes Farm, NH

David Stern
Rose Valley Farm, NY

Tim Weigle

Starker Wright
Agricultural Research Service, USDA

Faruque Zaman
Cornell Cooperative Extension