October 2015

The October 2015 issue of IPM Insights focuses on Advanced Production Systems.

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The October 2015 issue of IPM Insights on Advanced Production Systems is now available as a downloadable e-book.

Diagnosis from the Air Could Help Farms on the Ground

Machinery can be used to survey large expanses of farmland or environmentally sensitive areas, raising interesting possibilities for the problem of excessive nitrogen inputs in a watershed.

Resources October 2015

Resources from the October 2015 issue of IPM Insights.

On a Wing and a Prayer: Insects from the Sky to the Rescue

Yong-Lak Park, a professor of entomology at West Virginia University, has unusual dreams of flying: He wants drones to deploy natural enemies, not pesticides.

Moving Integrated Weed Management into the Future

Automated systems could identify each and every plant in a farmer’s field and then go on to manage the undesirable ones.

A New Age for an Age-Old Problem

Imagine: A fleet of robots maneuvers through a field in which a multitude of different plants—among them carrots, corn, and cauliflower—are growing side by side.