PMSP and Production/Management Profiles Grant Program

Program Highlights

Available Funds Approximately $30,000 total; maximum $15,000 per project
Application Deadline November 9, 2023, 5:00 p.m. (eastern time)
Start Date & Length March 1, 2024; projects may be up to 12 months.
Narrative Length 1–4 pages plus budget, references, and required forms
Basic Requirements Proposals must develop a Pest Management Strategic Plan (PMSP) or Production/Management Profile (PMP) for a crop, livestock enterprise, pet, forestry, aquatic system, turf/playing fields/golf courses/park, medical practice, schools/buildings or other pest management application that is significant to the Northeast. Proposals to develop PMSPs or PMPs for crops, livestock, forestry, or other systems that do not have a plan or to update outdated PMSPs or PMPs (more than five years old), are encouraged. The Center is particularly interested in proposals for a) low-bush/wild blueberries, b) greenhouse food crops—including fruiting vegetables, greens, hydroponic production, etc., c) hemp, and d) integrated vegetation management (IVM), such as rights-of-way.
Eligibility Applications may be submitted by qualified public and private entities, including all colleges and universities, Federal, State, and local agencies, nonprofit and for-profit private organizations or corporations and Native American affiliated organizations; must be able to meet the criteria for subrecipients required by federal regulations and Cornell University.
Webinar An informational webinar will be held October 2, 2023, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon. Register here.
Questions Jana Hexter, Deborah Grantham
Download the RFA PMSP and PMP RFA (PDF)
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Types of Projects

Production/Management Profiles (PMP) provide the production or management story, including current pest management practices, for a particular system such as production of an agricultural commodity, including emerging crops, livestock, pets, forestry, aquatic systems, turf/playing fields/golf courses/parks, medical practices, and schools/buildings, and identify current research activities directed at finding integrated pest management strategies. The system must be significant to the Northeast and the work must be conducted in the Northeast. However, the profile may be state-based to take into account differing state regulations and other conditions.

Production/Management Profiles should include typical pesticide use (not a restatement of the product label or crop management guides). Documents must meet national standards as shown for PMPs. Please note that Production/Management Profiles can be developed for systems other than crops and livestock.

Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMSP) are developed with a regional group of growers and other stakeholders in the Northeast to identify the pest management needs and priorities of a particular commodity, system, or setting requiring pest management. The plans document current pest management practices (chemical and non-chemical) and those under research and demonstration trial development. They provide a practical view of pest management issues and strategies and provide a forum to develop data-based research, regulatory, and educational priorities.

The plans also indicate priorities for research to fill knowledge gaps, address regulatory changes, and provide education or training programs to support adoption of IPM practices.

  • PMSPs should be for systems, such as an agricultural commodity, livestock, pets, forestry, aquatic systems, turf/playing fields/golf courses/parks, medical practices, and schools/buildings, that are significant to the Northeast.
  • Proposals to develop PMSPs for systems that do not have a plan or to update outdated PMSPs (more than five years old) are encouraged.
  • PMSPs must follow the guidelines for preparing a PMSP.
  • Please note that PMSPs can apply to systems other than crops and livestock.


Public and private institutions or organizations, businesses, commodity groups, and private individuals are eligible for these funds as long as they are able to meet the criteria for subrecipients required by federal regulations and Cornell University. Project Directors (PDs) from smaller states, 1890 land-grant institutions, Hispanic-serving institutions, and Community Colleges are encouraged to apply. All PDs must work and conduct the relevant work in the Northeast. Co-PDs may be from outside the region.

Available Funds

Total available funds are approximately $30,000, with a maximum of $15,000 per project depending on whether this is a new document or an update of an existing PMSP or Production/Management Profile and single state versus multi-state in focus.

Production/Management Profiles may be funded at no more than $5,000 each (including indirect costs) because they can be produced by a single individual (with unpaid contributors and reviewers).

Pest Management Strategic Plans, on the other hand, may be more costly because they include a workshop with stakeholder participation. Only in extraordinary circumstances though (e.g., multi-state document involving travel of many collaborators) is the cost of a PMSP expected to exceed $10,000, including travel and indirect costs. Travel restrictions could require remote work and the requested funding should reflect the lower costs.

Project Length and Start Date

There is a 12-month time limit on funded projects. Project directors should propose a March 1, 2024, start date.

Technical Support

Northeastern IPM Center staff can help with planning workshops. Staff, generally the director, will attend workshops and be available to facilitate the workshop upon request. Technical support will be available for using the online PMSP database for submission of completed projects. This support is in addition to funding awarded for the project.

Final Report

The completed PMP or PMSP is considered to be the final report for the project. PMSPs and PMPs are not considered complete until they are approved by the Northeastern IPM Center and uploaded by Center staff to the National IPM Centers’ database.

Application Process

Request for Applications (RFA)

Download the PMSP and PMP RFA (PDF).

Applications are submitted via the Center’s online grant management system.

The direct link to start an application is

Note: You must create an account and login to the system to submit a proposal. For an introduction to the grant management system, watch these tutorial videos.


The application deadline is November 9, 2023, 5:00 p.m. (eastern time).