School IPM Working Group

This regional group, consisting of representatives from land-grant IPM programs, government, private industry, and nonprofits from 11 northeastern states, has operated since 2009. They coordinate with school IPM working groups in the three other regions and with the national school IPM steering committee. The group has conducted an IPM demonstration at a school district in each of two states where school IPM programs were lacking. To accomplish this goal, they leveraged Center funds with EPA’s PRIA 2 Partnership grant, obtained nationally. They have drafted priorities for research, extension, and regulations for the Northeast and contributed to sessions on schools at several International IPM Symposiums. Members encourage partnerships with diverse stakeholders from community settings such as landscape, turf, schools, homes, structures, gardens, urban forests, and public health issues.

  • Membership: Working group leader and members.
  • School IPM Contacts: Key contacts with regulatory agencies and universities in the northeastern United States
  • Priorities and Reports: View the priority-setting documents and reports generated by this working group.
  • Advance IPM in Schools Nationwide: School IPM 2020 is a long-term collaborative initiative working to reduce pest problems and pesticide hazards in U.S. schools.

In addition to involvement with the EPA’s PRIA 2 Partnership grant referenced above, the following funded projects were developed by the Northeast School IPM Working Group.

Best Management Practices for School IPM

  • Best Management Practices for School IPM: This online resource provides easy to use information to assist implementation of IPM on school property and facilitate reduced dependence on pesticides. (created 2014; currently being revised)
  • Resources for School Nurses: School nurses play a critical role in integrated pest management. Take action to safeguard children’s health in your schools. (created 2018)

IPM Curricula for Staff and Students

Other Resources