School IPM Working Group

This regional group, consisting of 15 representatives from land-grant IPM programs, government, private industry, and nonprofits from 11 northeastern states, met in Connecticut for first time in fall 2009. They coordinate with school IPM working groups in the three other regions and with the national school PMSP group. The group has gathered information from each northeastern state by using the EPA School IPM Report Card. They also conducted an IPM demonstration at a school district in each of two states where school IPM programs were lacking. To accomplish this goal, they leveraged Center funds with EPA’s PRIA 2 Partnership grant, obtained nationally. They have drafted priorities for research, extension, and regulations for the Northeast and helped to lead a session on schools at the 2009 International IPM Symposium. Members encourage partnerships with diverse stakeholders from community settings such as landscape, turf, schools, homes, structures, gardens, urban forests, and public health issues.

Learn about this working group’s plans for 2013–2014.

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  • Resources for School Nurses: School nurses play a critical role in integrated pest management. Take action to safeguard children’s health in your schools.

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