Partners in IPM

The Northeastern IPM Center links stakeholders who are concerned with integrated pest management, helping groups collaborate effectively, share information, and avoid duplication of effort. We foster partnerships that connect people from diverse institutional, disciplinary, programmatic, and geographical settings. Many of our IPM partners can be found at links below.

State IPM Partners

IPM programs and state departments of agriculture, environment, and health are among the partners who promote IPM throughout the Northeast.

Federal IPM Partners

USDA, HUD, and EPA are among the many federal departments and agencies that support programs related to IPM.

Regional IPM Partners

Groups that have a regional focus in the Northeast, and IPM Centers in other regions.

Nonprofit and Private IPM Partners

Consumer and environmental groups, grower groups, professional associations, and more.


Regional IPM Centers
Western IPM Center · Southern IPM Center · North Central IPM Center