Integrated Pest Management Insights

News from the Northeastern IPM Center, including research results, success stories, new resources, and funding opportunities.

IPM News and Events RoundupIPM News and Events Roundup

An archive of our weekly email newsletter, featuring IPM news, webinars, employment and funding opportunities, and more.

Northeastern IPM Center Grant-Funded PublicationsNortheastern IPM Center Grant-Funded Publications

A list of publications supported by Northeastern IPM Center grants.

IPM Resources DatabaseIPM Resources Database

An IPM library at your fingertips, this searchable database links to thousands of science-based IPM resources published by land-grant universities or government agencies. Visitors can quickly put their hands on pest alerts, crop profiles, field guides, IPM guidelines, curricula, videos, and more.

Regional IPM Centers

This two-page publication highlights the work done by the four Regional Integrated Pest Management Centers.

“Why IPM?” – A Video Series

This Northeastern IPM Center video series poses the question, “Why IPM?” Throughout this series, we will talk with a diversity of individuals from various groups to hear what they have to say about Integrated Pest Management.

IPM Online Conferences

The annual IPM Online Conference features updates from projects funded by the Northeastern IPM Center’s Partnership Grants Program, Northeast SARE, and USDA-NIFA.

IPM “Wheels” Poster (PDF, 12 MB)

This poster shows IPM steps for agriculture and for structures and communities in an informative, graphical format.

Advanced Technology for Precision IPM

The Northeastern IPM Center presents eight half-hour sessions on the topic of “Advanced Technology for Precision IPM,” recorded at the 8th International IPM Symposium in Salt Lake City. Watch the videos on our website, or see the full playlist on YouTube.

Diary of a PestDiary of a Pest (PDF, 19 MB)

“Dear Diary...” We’ve had some fun: We collected pages from the private diaries of pests and turned them into an annual report. We invite you to get to know some of the pests we face and learn about the Northeastern IPM Center’s role in supporting IPM solutions.

Integrated Pest Management: A Guide for Affordable HousingIntegrated Pest Management: A Guide for Affordable Housing

Affordable multifamily housing presents unique challenges for those trying to manage bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents. This guide will help affordable housing managers, owners, and agents use IPM to contend with a variety of urban pests in their facilities.

Pest Alerts

One-page fact sheets outlining the critical biology of new and emerging pests across the nation. The Northeastern IPM Center works in conjunction with the North Central IPM Center.

IPM Guidelines

Best management practices for specific crops, used to certify that a grower or IPM practitioner is using accepted IPM practices.

IPM Field Guides

IPM and pest management guides that provide general recommendations for how to manage pests. Unlike IPM Guidelines, these documents do not attempt to certify whether IPM is being used.

Alerts and Advisories

Region- and crop-specific sources of news about pests threats.