The Scientific Coalition of Pest Exclusion (SCOPE 2020)

The SCOPE 2020 working group facilitates networking among various fields, including academia, pest management, building maintenance, and WAP program staff. This group will coordinate with a proposed North Central IPM Working Group of the same name, but with the objective of addressing pest exclusion in commercial buildings.

SCOPE 2020 continues to build a database of current and future collaborators and stakeholders using an online “interest form” at

They have developed a pest exclusion worksheet for multifamily housing (indoor and outer perimeter) that categorizes and prioritizes deficiencies in construction and from deterioration.

They will publish a review of literature and scientific information on pest suppression and exclusion to identify verified knowledge, research gaps, and potential projects for the evaluation of techniques and materials for pest exclusion in aging buildings, and to examine ways that weatherization and pest exclusion overlap and/or conflict.

The working group is preparing written outputs, including a strategic plan for SCOPE 2020 for multifamily housing, a list of urban IPM priorities for the IPM Centers, research and outreach priorities for pest exclusion, and recommendations for the pest management industry as well as other building services, including weatherization programs.

  • Membership: View the list of working group leaders and members.

Program Outputs