Northeast Priorities

The Northeastern IPM Center engages a broad range of people and institutions to set priorities for IPM research, extension, and education projects and then to collaborate on work that will address these priorities through our Partnership Grant Program.

With input from our Advisory Council and experienced working group chairs, we developed a set of Priority-Setting Guidelines (PDF).

Projects funded by the Northeastern IPM Center should address or identify IPM priorities for the Northeast and contribute to the adoption and/or development of IPM in one or more of our Signature Programs:

  • IPM and Organic Systems
  • Climate Change and Pests
  • Pollinators
  • Community IPM
  • Next Generation Education
  • Advanced Technology for IPM

Latest Priorities




Community and Structural

General IPM

Older priorities are available on our Priority Archives page. If you know of other lists that should be on this page, contact the Northeastern IPM Center.