2016 Partnership Grants to Promote Bio-Control; Tackle Invasive Species, Bed Bugs

The Northeastern IPM Center partners with stakeholders for integrated pest management.

In 2016, the Northeastern IPM Center awarded more than $250,000 for research and outreach through their IPM Partnership Grants, which is a competitive funding program.

The Northeastern IPM Center began funding projects through the IPM Partnership Grants Program in 2004. Applications have come from public and private institutions or organizations, businesses, commodity groups, and private individuals.

This year, the projects include efforts to control the spread of the invasive spotted wing drosophila, investigate fungi for biological control, and manage bed bugs. Through the 2016 IPM Partnership Grants, the Center has funded working groups, studies on issues, and communications projects. The projects advance the Center’s signature programs in IPM and Organic Systems, Climate Change and Pests, Next Generation Education, Rural and Urban IPM, and Advanced Production Systems.

A new reporting system will allow project directors to contribute project-specific data into an online system that the Center is using to get a better understanding of impacts.

“We want to capture the key elements of each project to not only share with our audiences, but also use to help assess the impacts of IPM in the Northeast,” said Steve Young, director of the Northeastern IPM Center. The Center is currently conducting a meta-analysis on IPM and has plans to develop a real-time impacts assessment tool.

The total amount awarded is $257,997.

The Projects

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