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IPM Inspection, Monitoring, and Sighting Logs
Author/Source: Texas A&M University
Description: Part of the process of an IPM program is examining the how and why of the pest problem. The documents in this section are designed to assist in this process. All of these forms are suggestions for better documentation of the district's IPM program.
State/Region: National
Prevalence of Allergen Exposures among New Orleans Children with Asthma
Publish Date: 2007
Author/Source: Rabito, Felicia A; Iqbal, Shahed; Holt, Elizabeth; Grimsley, L Faye Islam, Tareq M
Description: This study describes indoor dust allergen levels in the homes of 86 asthmatic children in New Orleans and explores regional variability in dust allergen exposure.
States/Regions: Mid-Atlantic, National, New England, Northeast, Southeast