IPM News and Events Roundup 08/25/23

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Northeastern IPM Center News   

The August 2023 issue of the Northeastern IPM Center's newsletter, IPM Insights, is now available online and as a downloadable PDF

Community-engaged-science tick surveillance supplemented with other tick-related articles and resources; an overview of the second edition of the iconic Weeds of the Northeast reference book and a remarkable coincidence among the two editions’ authors; a conversation with Pennsylvania state IPM coordinator John Tooker; and opening of nominations for the 2023 Outstanding Achievements in IPM Award

IPM Toolbox webinar: Weeds of the Northeast 

September 21, 2023, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. EDT | Zoom | Free, registration required 

Antonio DiTommaso—professor of weed science and chair of the soil and crop sciences section in the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University—will introduce the new edition of the comprehensive reference book, Weeds of the Northeast, which he co-authored, and answer your weed-related questions. The book includes descriptions and photos of floral and vegetative characteristics, giving home gardeners, landscape managers, pest management specialists, and allergists the ability to identify weeds before they flower. 

IPM Toolbox webinar: Working with Museums, Libraries, and Archives to Use IPM to Prevent and Combat Infestations   

October 26, 2023, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. EDT | Zoom | Free, registration required   

Since the late 1990s, museums, libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions have adapted agricultural IPM techniques to suit their specific collection risks and work practices. This webinar will assess some of the most important successes over the past decades while also examining where improvements are needed. Presented by Rachael Perkins Arenstein, a partner in A.M. Art Conservation, a private practice in the New York area with a specialization in preventive care.   

Call for Nominations: 2023 Outstanding Achievements in Integrated Pest Management Award 

The Northeastern IPM Center is opening nominations for the 2023 Outstanding Achievements in IPM Award, which recognizes professionals and/or students based on their efforts and accomplishments in IPM. The Center seeks nominations of growers, consultants, researchers, educators, managers, and college/university students in the Northeast region. 

For more information about the nomination criteria and award process, visit: https://neipmc.org/go/FdNt 

Nomination deadline: Friday, October 27, 2023 




New York Welcomes Clinic Dedicated to Tick-Borne Illness (WRRV Poughkeepsie, NY)  

Ticks are especially prevalent in New York State, known to harbor 30 different tick species, 10 of which actively bite humans, although only about four of them transmit diseases. But those four are well represented, since New York ranked second on the CDC’s list of reported cases of tick-borne disease. Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s Resource Center recently opened a clinic specializing in tick bites and diagnosis of tick-borne illness. 


See also: 

“Mile-a-minute” weed threatening Maine vegetation (News Center Maine) 

Persicaria perfoliata (mile-a-minute) is an invasive species that threatens Maine plant life. Despite being an annual plant that can grow up to six inches in a day, the plant still poses a threat in its dead season as seeds can still sprout after lying dormant. The plant uses its barbs to attach to native plants and inhibits sunlight. It is a concern for the Maine economy, as Christmas tree farmers are worried about its potential spread. 


Blueprint created for invasive species removal in the Everglades (WUSF Public Media) 

A 10-year effort has been published in Management of Biological Invasions by University of Florida wildlife biologists revealing how a series of efforts and strategies led to successful control and removal of spectacled caimans in the Eastern Everglades, a model that could potentially inform management of other invasive species in the area. 


Using oyster biosensors to improve aquaculture yield and food safety (University of New Hampshire College of Life Sciences and Agriculture) 

New Hampshire’s growing oyster aquaculture industry brings significant economic benefits to the state, but farmers’ success is heavily dependent on properly choosing a site and monitoring its water quality conditions. A current limitation is determining the suitability of a site and oyster health as environmental conditions change throughout a season and across seasons. Developing, testing, and implementing a network of oyster-attached biosensors at farms located in New Hampshire Great Bay can significantly benefit oyster farmers. 


Lyme disease cases on the rise in New York State (WENY News) 

So far in 2023, New York State has already surpassed the number of Lyme disease cases reported in all of 2022. Lyme is the most commonly reported tick-borne disease in New York, with over 7,000 cases reported each year. 


Michigan adds two species to invasive watch list; here's what to look out for (WXYZ Detroit) 

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources said the state’s invasive species watch list has been updated to include mountain pine beetle and water-primrose. The mountain pine beetle attacks pine species and could have a widespread effect in the state. Water-primrose spreads in dense mats within wetlands and shoreline areas and outcompetes native species, making boating and water access difficult. 


Maine proposes more quarantines to slow spread of tree-killing invasive species (Maine Public) 

Maine officials are considering expanding several quarantine zones for firewood and other tree parts to slow the spread of three tree-killing invasive species: emerald ash borer, hemlock woolly adelgid, and the European larch canker. Transporting infested firewood around the state is considered the primary culprit behind the spread. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry will hold public hearings on the proposal and is accepting written comments. 


The US’s war on spotted lanternflies might be having an effect (The Guardian) 

Spotted lanternfly population is seemingly down in some of the areas where they’ve been established the longest, like southeastern Pennsylvania, but scientists are split on the significance of the findings. 




Webinars, Seminars, Meetings, and More         

What’s Bugging You? First Friday Events (New York State IPM Program)         

Fridays | 12:00 pm. – 12:30 p.m. EDT | Zoom | Free; registration required         

In this monthly virtual series, we explore timely topics to help you use integrated pest management (IPM) to avoid pest problems and promote a healthy environment where you live, work, learn and play. What is IPM? It's a wholistic approach that uses different tools and practices to not only reduce pest problems, but to also address the reasons why pests are there in the first place. Each month, our speakers will share practical information about how you can use IPM.         

2023 What’s Bugging You First Friday Schedule          

Join us Live on the first Friday of every month from Noon to 12:30 EST on Zoom.         

  • September 1: Right plant, right place | Transplanting trees/shrubs         
  • October 6: Jumping worms | Roof gutter pests         
  • November 3: Winter Garden prep | Tick check reminder         
  • December 1: Houseplant IPM | Firewood pests         

Register for upcoming events before our session on July 7, 2023.         

What’s Bugging You First Friday events are in Spanish this year. Individuals interested in these events can find more information on this website: https://cals.cornell.edu/new-york-state-integrated-pest-management/outreach-education/events/whats-bugging-you-webinars/conozca-su-plaga         

And can register using this form: https://cornell.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3OQDpakcGrSd3tc         



Spotted Lanternfly: It’s here, what now? (Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester County)    

September 12, 2023, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. EDT | Zoom | Free; registration required    

CCE Westchester welcomes Brian Eshenaur, of the New York State IPM Program, to provide an overview of spotted lanternfly (SLF), an invasive planthopper that’s both a nuisance and a threat to vineyards and other crops. The first confirmed U.S. find of SLF was in 2014 in Pennsylvania. It has been confirmed in New York since 2020 (in New York City) and has since spread within the state, now established in the lower Hudson Valley, including Westchester County. In this session, we’ll review SLF images so it can be recognized in its different life stages, describe its life cycle and its favorite plants to feed on, review regulatory work being done to slow its spread, and discuss traps and other management options. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.    

Register at https://cornell.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7w2LHso4RlSrGNXsMtDXuw    



Food Use Workshop (The IR-4 Project)     

September 12 – 14, 2023 | Raleigh, North Carolina, with option to attend virtually     

Research priorities for 2024 residue, product performance, and integrated solutions studies will be identified during this workshop.     

The deadline to submit residue and integrated solutions project requests for consideration at the Food Use Workshop is Friday, August 11.     

Early bird registration rate available through August 31.     



2023 P-IE Invasive Species Field Tour (Entomological Society of America Plant-Insect Ecosystems Section)        

September 12 – 14, 2023 | Orlando, Florida        

Attendees will learn about several different invasive pests affecting natural and managed landscapes in the southern U.S., including forest pests, agricultural pests, and pests in urban and suburban areas. Speakers will include experts from entomology and pathology who are focused on both research and management, discussing how these pests arrived, what we are trying to do about them, and what the future holds in terms of invasive species pest detection and management.        



2023 New Hampshire Landscape Association Field Day (University of New Hampshire Extension & New Hampshire Landscape Association)     

Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. | Belknap County 4-H Fairgrounds, 174 Mile Hill Rd, Belmont, NH     

The 2023 NHLA Field Day, co-hosted by UNH Extension and the New Hampshire Landscape Association, is a full day of educational sessions, demonstrations, vendors, and networking. Speakers include specialists from UNH Extension, NH Department of Environmental Services, NH Division of Forests and Lands, and many industry professionals. Four pesticide applicator credits available. Details & registration at https://nhlaonline.org/fall-activities/     

Registration available at event but discounted rate offered for pre-registration. For pre-registration, payments must be received by September 13.     



2023 New York Invasive Species Expo         

Join us for the 2023 NYS Invasive Species Expo! This is a unique conference focusing on invasive species, and will combine classic presentations and creative use of outdoor space to appeal to a wide range of attendees. The Expo will be an immersive, hands-on experience featuring:         

  • Unique presentations         
  • Interactive demonstrations         
  • Hands-on workshops         
  • Small-group discussions         
  • Field trips & outdoor activities         

The Expo will be hosted within the unique, historic architecture of beautiful Saratoga Spa State Park and will be open to the public with no cost for general attendance.          

Sessions will be centered around the overall theme: Reflect, Adapt, Evolve. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on what’s been accomplished so far in the field of invasive species management, learn about the innovative ways we can adapt in unprecedented times, and discuss how we can evolve to confront challenges moving into the future.         

September 24-26, 2023       



Tick Academy (IPM Institute, Tick IPM Working Group)       

October 11 – 12, 2023 | Zoom | Registration required       

Once a year, the Tick IPM Working Group hosts the Tick Academy, which is an opportunity for researchers, educators, students, public-health professionals, pest-control professionals, public-space managers, and citizen scientists interested in learning more about what they can do to stop the spread of ticks and tick-borne diseases in their communities. This virtual event will feature presentations from experts in the tick IPM field including Tammi Johnson, Alexis White, Susan Paskewitz, Bob Maurais, Brian Allan, Kirby Stafford, and more.      



31st Annual NAISMA Conference: Foundations for Success (North American Invasive Species Management Association)      

October 16 – 19, 2023 | Lincoln, Nebraska      

Hear the latest on invasive species management research and strategies from experts at three plenaries, 50+ talks, poster sessions, and special networking events at this year’s NAISMA annual conference. Conference registration includes discounted hotel rate.      

Register by August 31 for reduced early registration rates.      




Employment Opportunities 

Director – Burlington, VT (Full-time)      

Northeast SARE      

The director is the lead steward of Northeast SARE’s unique role in supporting a network of beneficial relationships in service to farmers and people that work with them. This position holds an underlying faculty appointment as a research assistant, associate, or full professor, at a rank appropriate to the candidate’s background and experience.   

Review of applications began August 14, 2023      


Grant Program Specialist (Full-time)   

Northeast SARE      

The grant program specialist coordinates grant award processing at Northeast SARE by assisting SARE grant administrators with the annual cycles of activities, including: the development of calls for proposals, reviewing grant applications, compiling final award documents, and examining final grant reports for project completeness. The incumbent also serves as a liaison to stakeholders to ensure the grant programs and operations are in line with SARE’s mission to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in agriculture.   

Review of applications begins September 11, 2023   


Assistant Director of Research Planning and Product Performance (Full-time)     

The IR-4 Project     

The assistant director is part of the IR-4 Project’s national leadership team. This position is responsible for ensuring that IR-4’s national stakeholder network (including specialty crop commodity associations/grower groups, public sector researchers, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the crop protection industry) is actively involved in IR-4’s mission to facilitate regulatory approval of crop protection products for specialty crops and minor uses. 




Funding Opportunities 

New York DEC Announces $3 Million in Grants Available for Invasive Species Projects(New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) 

New York DEC has announced the availability of $3 million in the third round of the state’s Invasive Species Grant Program. This program is designed to advance projects that address spread prevention of both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species across the state, with awards ranging from $11,000 to $200,000. 

Applications due by 3 p.m. on November 1, 2023