IPM News and Events Roundup 8/19/2022

IPM News and Events Roundup

A weekly collection of IPM news, webinars, employment and funding opportunities, and more from the Northeastern IPM Center

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Northeastern IPM Center News

2022 Outstanding Achievements in IPM Award

We are now accepting nominations for this year’s Outstanding Achievements in Integrated Pest Management Award, which aims to recognize one professional and one student based on their efforts and accomplishments in IPM. Winners receive $500 each and agree to provide a story for the Northeastern IPM Center website and/or newsletter and social media outlets, and/or to present a webinar hosted by the Northeastern IPM Center.

We are seeking nominations of growers, consultants, researchers, educators, managers, and college/university students in the Northeast region. To submit a nomination, you must be a grower, consultant, researcher, educator, or manager working in IPM. Alternatively, you may co-nominate with someone who meets those criteria.

Learn more or submit a nomination.


Nominations must be submitted by Friday, October 21, 2022.

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Join us for the first in our upcoming Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice series of Toolbox Webinars.

Expanding the Integrated Weed Management Toolbox:

Evaluating IWM Approaches for Maryland and Mid-Atlantic Vegetable Production Systems

September 12, 2022, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Register at cornell.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_wEn1MDzDSG-wM5o-pBYimw

Spotted Lanternfly Outreach

To help in the tracking of SLF in NYS, we are looking for dates of first observed egg masses this summer or fall.  If/when you find an egg mass, please send a quick email to, Dan Olmstead @ dlo6@cornell.edu with date of detection and location (lat,lon). I need to validate and adjust the new SLF tracking model available here https://newa.cornell.edu/spotted-lanternfly which is based on 2021 published research.

Spotted Lanternfly Confirmed in Oakland County Michigan (Detroit Free Press | August 11, 2022)

“Although not unexpected, this is certainly tough news to share due to its potential to negatively impact Michigan’s grape industry,” said Gary McDowell, director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Schumer says Upstate New York (refer to NY State IPM Map) is Infested with Spotted Lanternfly (Nexstar Media Wire)

NYSIPM Interactive Spotted Lanternfly Map

Upstate New York wineries and crops are at risk from the spotted lanternfly, which has now reached infestation levels in Ulster, Orange, Westchester, and Rockland counties and recent infestation levels confirmed in Broome, Tompkins, and Onondaga counties. NYS Senator Schumer urged the United States Department of Agriculture to tap federal money from an account he has supported with over $200 million to curb the insect.

How to Spot Their Eggs with Mating Season Weeks Away (Fox 8 Cleveland | August 16, 2022)

A team member of OSU’s Extension program, says it is important to bring attention to the problem by educating the public on how to spot the bug and its eggs, which are due any time from mid-September through the first frost when the adults die.

He says infestations can grow quickly due to the egg masses’ ability to lie dormant for months through a cold winter and the adult bugs not having many predators in the area.

Meet the NJ Teen Behind the Perfect Squish (NBC New York)

Milan Zhu, 13, is a rising eighth-grade New Jersey student who studied the best way to take aim at the invasive species Spotted Lanternfly

Helpful links:

StopSLF.org (hosted by NE IPM Center)

SLF pest alert

Report SLF sighting in NYS

New York State Integrated Pest Management

NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

Have you seen a SLF check sheet

SLF Management Calendar

Other News

Enjoy Some Beautiful Pictures and See How Fireflies Interact with the World (NPR)

A fun little 3 minute read with stunning photos. You will not regret the click.

Discovering Bacterial Wetwood (Penn State Extension | August 11, 2022)

Bacterial Wetwood, also called Slime Flux, is a disease commonly affecting the central core and bark of shade and ornamental trees. Several bacteria species inhabiting the soil can infect trees through wounds to multiply in root or trunk heartwood.

Beach Leaf Disease Confirmed in Michigan (Detroit Free Press)

"We don’t yet know all the ways the disease might be spread, and currently there are no known treatments to protect trees or reduce disease impacts," said DNR forest health specialist Simeon Wright. 

Conservation Survey finds Native NYS Pollinators at Risk (Cornell Chronicle| August 8, 2022)

Using conservative criteria, less than half of the species were ranked as secure, with 23% designated as at risk and another 15% not seen in New York since 2000. But more typical criteria for determining at-risk species suggested that 60% may be at risk in New York.

Major Test of First Possible Lyme Vaccine in 20 Years Begins (AP News | August 8, 2022)

Researchers are seeking thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and Europe to test the first potential vaccine against Lyme disease in 20 years -- in hopes of better fighting the tick-borne threat.

EPA Makes Draft Risk Assessments Available for Dicamba (EPA.GOV | August 18, 2022)

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) requires the Agency to re-evaluate pesticides every 15 years to ensure that risk assessments and pesticide decisions reflect the best available science. The draft risk assessments (DRAs) are part of the legally required registration review process to identify risks as well as actions that can mitigate those risks for all registered uses across all dicamba products.

NY Onion Growers can Keep Yields While Cutting Chemical Use (Cornell Chronicle)

A surprise finding from new research on controlling pests and disease in New York commercial onion fields will enable the state’s producers to cut their use of synthetic chemicals without sacrificing yield.

Pesticides Damage Bees' Brains and Stop Them Flying Straight (Technology News)

Researchers show for the first time that honeybee foragers exposed to the pesticides sulfoxaflor and imidacloprid have an impaired optomotor response, which makes them poor at keeping themselves on a straight trajectory while moving.

Researchers use Science of Light to Reduce Pesticides used to Protect Crops from Pests and Diseases (phys.org)

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations up to 40 percent of global crop production is lost to pests annually. Each year, plant diseases cost the global economy over $220 billion, and invasive insects at least $70 billion.

Webinars, Seminars, Meetings, and More

Free Mental Health First Aid Training for Ag Community in Livingston Co.

NY FarmNet and CCE Livingston County will offer a free Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course on August 30th from 9am – 4pm. The training will be held at the Livingston County Building 1 Conference Center located at 1 Murray Hill Drive in Mt. Morris. Farmers, agribusiness workers, and anyone who interacts with the agricultural community is encouraged to attend this free training.

Free lunch provided

BGRI (Borlaug Global Rust Initiative) Technical Workshop to be held Sept. 9 with International Wheat Congress

At the workshop, presenters from around the globe will lead in-depth talks and discussions on critical areas of wheat science, including plant breeding, pathogen surveillance, climate resilience/abiotic stresses, seed systems and variety adoption. Alison Bentley, director of the Global Wheat Program at CIMMYT, will provide the keynote address. 

Free Registration

What’s Bugging You? First Friday Events (New York State IPM Program)

Fridays | 12:00 pm. – 12:30 p.m. EDT | Zoom | Free; registration required

The first Friday of each month, spend half an hour over lunch learning about practical solutions for pest problems with the New York State IPM Program. Each presentation will end with an IPM Minute.

Register to attend these monthly events. Submit photos of how you are implementing IPM to the “IPM and You Photo Contest.”

Recordings of past presentations are also available.

Upcoming First Friday Events:

  • September 2, 2022: Tackling white grubs in your lawn: scouting, decision-making, and sustainable management (IPM Minute: Shoo flies, don't bother me!)
  • October 7, 2022: Fall lawn IPM: managing leaves and ticks (IPM Minute: Is that a praying mantis egg case?)
  • November 4, 2022: Repellents, fencing, and other IPM approaches for managing deer damage (IPM Minute: Where you chuck your pumpkins matters)
  • December 2, 2022: Homeowner update on emerald ash borer management (IPM Minute: Creepy crawly Christmas—what to do if you find insects in your Christmas tree)

tHRIVe web series (Horticultural Research Institute)

Free and open to the public, registration required. Times listed are Eastern Time.

  1. August 23, 2022 | 11:00 a.m.: Building a Better Monarch Butterfly Garden
  2. September 7, 2022 | 1:00 p.m.: How do weather and climate impact boxwood blight? A modeling approach to aiding in boxwood disease management
  3. October 4, 2022 | 10:00 a.m.: Controlling Nostoc, a slippery hazard for nursery workers
  4. November 3, 2022 | 11:00 a.m.: Smart Plants—Magical interactions between flowers and their pollinators

UMass Extension’s Green School (UMass Extension)

October 25, 2022 – December 15, 2022 | 3 hours (plus break) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons | $900 early bird, $1,025 regular, scholarships available

A comprehensive 60-plus-hour-certificate short course that offers fundamental horticultural training in a compact time frame. The program is designed for professional practitioners such as landscapers, lawn care providers, nursery operators, sports field managers, public and private grounds managers, arborists, professional gardeners, landscape and garden designers, and others in the green industries. Both experienced professionals and those aspiring to be will benefit from this course.

Registration deadline October 18. For early-bird tuition rate, register by September 15.

The 2022 Food Use Workshop (Bloomington, Minnesota)

The 2022 Food Use Workshop will take place September 13 – 15 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Research priorities for residue, product performance, and integrated solutions studies for 2023 will be identified during this workshop.

Fee associated. Register by September 1, 2022

Okefenokee First Detector Training

Join us to become one of Georgia's First Detectors, and to help fight the spread of invasive species in our beautiful state.

We will have professional speakers from the University of Georgia, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Forestry Commission, and others. These speakers will discuss topics related to the identification, management, reporting and tracking of invasive insects, plants and diseases as well as other programs in place to combat the spread of invasive species in Georgia. Registration is limited to 25 attendees, so don't delay!

Registration is required. Free

Employment Opportunities

Grape IPM Coordinator (New York State IPM Program)

  1. Announcement page: https://blogs.cornell.edu/nysipm/2022/07/01/grape-ipm-coordinator-position-opening/
  2. Application page: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/21986

As an innovative and experienced educator, you will expand knowledge and access to sustainable pest management practices in grape agroecosystems. You will work collaboratively, across disciplines, and with a variety of stakeholders, to develop, demonstrate, and guide IPM implementation efforts in grapes across New York State, the third-largest wine-producing state in the nation.

Application deadline September 1, 2022.

Extension State Specialist, Soil Health (University of New Hampshire Extension)

The UNH Extension state specialist in soil health provides statewide leadership in soil health and fertility in agricultural systems. This is a full-time, benefits-eligible position based at the University of New Hampshire’s Durham, NH, campus. It is a non-tenure track, 100% extension appointment. The specialist will oversee the UNH Soil Testing Service, maintaining and updating associated fertility recommendations. PhD in soil science, agronomy, or a related discipline with an emphasis in soil nutrient management, soil biology, or environmental soil chemistry in preferred. A strong candidate with an MS degree and extensive experience may be considered. Contact Extension Food & Agriculture Program team leader Amy Papineau (603-272-6497, amy.papineau@unh.edu).

Open until filled.

Extension State Specialist, Entomology and Integrated Pest Management (University of New Hampshire Extension)

Position based at University of New Hampshire's Durham campus.

The extension state specialist in entomology and IPM provides statewide leadership in agricultural IPM, undertaking engaged outreach as the state’s IPM coordinator and serving as project director on extension’s federally funded IPM Extension Implementation Plan. This is a full-time, benefits-eligible position based at the University of New Hampshire’s Durham, NH, campus. It is a non-tenure-track, 100% extension appointment.

Open until filled.

Extension State Specialist, Plant Pathology (University of New Hampshire Extension)

The extension state specialist in plant pathology directs and operates all aspects of the UNH Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab, including diagnosis of plant health problems and communication of results, maintaining sample information and data, and supervising staff. The lab provides diagnostic services for plant health issues for commercial producers, home horticulturists, landscapers, turf managers, arborists, extension staff, state and regulatory agencies, and others, and is a member of the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN). This is a full-time, benefits-eligible position located on the University of New Hampshire’s Durham, NH, campus. It is a non-tenure track, 100% extension appointment. Contact Extension Food & Agriculture Program team leader Amy Papineau (603-272-6497, amy.papineau@unh.edu)

Open until filled.

WNY PRISM is Hiring! Community Science and Engagement Program Manager

The Community Science and Engagement Program Manager (Program Manager) will work to engage community members and our partners in efforts to prevent, monitor and manage invasive species by leading education and outreach programs for WNY PRISM. This involves implementing community science programs and coordinating volunteer efforts, communication with the public and partners, event coordination (workshops, meetings and presentations), extensive record keeping, development of outreach, instructional materials and online content, coordination of social media and maintenance of the WNY PRISM website. The Program Manager will also hire, train, and supervise a seasonal Education and Outreach Assistant (May – September) who will work alongside the Program Manager to assist with tasks and lead outreach efforts

This is a full-time position located in Buffalo, NY with a target start date of October 11, 2022. The deadline for applications is Friday, September 16, 2022. Please follow all application instructions. Failure to do so may disqualify you from the position.

Tenure Track Assistant Professor Oregon State University

Associate Professor position in the College of Agricultural Sciences and the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at Oregon State University. The focus of this tenure-track environmental toxicology and/or chemistry research and Extension position is to foster sustainable agricultural practices, as well as address stakeholder concerns for potential impacts on human and environmental health.

Full Consideration Date


Closing Date


Seasonal Pest Control Specialist


Seasonal Pest Control Specialist Are you passionate about customer service? Looking to build your career in an exciting industry and a growing world class organization? Come see why so many of our team members recommend us to their friends! Who are we? JC Ehrlich is a member of the Rentokil family of companies, the global leader in Pest Control across more than 80 countries. At JC Ehrlich, we believe providing our team members a career path with growth and earning potential is essential to our success as an organization. We support our self-motivated team's professional development and personal goals with an environment that provides ongoing training, financial incentives for excellence, and additional rewards for growing the volume of JC Ehrlich business.

Positions open in Auburn, Canandaigua, & Penn Yan, NY

Open until filled