2022 Northeast Integrated Pest Management Research Update Conference

2022 Northeast Integrated Pest Management Research Update Conference

Recorded March 24, 2022

The 2022 Northeast IPM Research Update Conference, hosted by the Northeastern IPM Center (NEIPMC), featured updates from active projects funded by the NEIPMC’s Partnership Grants Program and from IPM-related projects funded through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program, USDA-NIFA’s Applied Research and Development Program (ARDP), and Extension Implementation Program (EIP).

The rapid style conference featured 5-minute prerecorded presentations in which the speakers discussed one or two highlights from their projects followed by a live Q and A. The purpose of the conference was to increase collaboration and awareness about current IPM-related research and extension in the Northeast in a fun way.

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Conference Agenda

Time Speaker – “Title of Project” (Funded By) – Affiliation
10:35 a.m. Jeffrey Berta – “PA Queen Project and the HHBBC Field Test Mite-Biting Behavior Using Backyard Scientists” (NESARE) – Dickinson College
10:40 a.m. Nicole Zlotnikov – “Asparagopsis Seaweed Reduces Methane Emissions and Improves Microbiome” (NESARE) – Z Farms Organics
10:45 a.m. Q and A Discussion
10:50 a.m. Quan Zeng – “Entry Points of the Fire Blight Pathogen Erwinia amylovora on Apple Leaves” (NEIPMC) – Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
10:55 a.m. Erika Machingter – “Biological Control Options for Fly Control in Poultry Facilities” (NESARE) – Penn State
11:00 a.m. Q and A Discussion
11:05 a.m. Anna Wallingford – “Attract-and-Kill Strategies for Sustainable Striped Cucumber Beetle Management” (EIP) – University of New Hampshire
11:10 a.m. Tyler Lesko – “Flavonoids for Resistance against Plant Pests” (ARDP) – Penn State
11:15 a.m. Q and A Discussion
11:20 a.m. Sam Anderson – “Twospotted Spider Mite IPM for Urban Agriculture” (NESARE) – Cornell University
11:25 a.m. Changlu Wang – “Assessing and Controlling House Mouse Infestations in Multi-Family Dwellings” (NEIPMC) – Rutgers University
11:30 a.m. Jason Smith – “Oh Crap! Pasture Dragging Fails to Suppress Face Flies and Horn Flies in Pennsylvania Pastures” (NESARE) – Milton Hershey School and Dickinson College
11:35 a.m. Q and A Discussion
11:40 a.m. Veronica Yurchak – “Creating an Ecofriendly Pest Suppression Program in Sweet Corn” (NESARE) – University of Maryland
11:45 a.m. Christy Hoepting – “Testing Ground Barriers for Swede Midge IPM on At-Risk Small-Scale Brassica Farms” (NESARE) – Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orleans County
11:50 a.m. Q and A Discussion
12:00 noon End of conference – Recorded presentations available online (www.NortheastIPM.org)