2023 Northeast Integrated Pest Management Research Update Conference - Day 1

Day 1: Recorded November 13, 2023


This two-day conference hosted by the Northeastern IPM Center (NEIPMC) will feature updates from active projects funded by the NEIPMC’s Partnership Grants Program. In addition, the online conference will have updates from IPM-related projects funded through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program and USDA-NIFA’s Applied Research and Development Program (ARDP) and Extension Implementation Program (EIP).

The rapid style conference will feature 5-minute pre-recorded presentations in which the speakers will discuss 1 or 2 highlights from their projects followed by a live Q and A. The purpose of the conference is to increase collaboration and awareness about current IPM-related research and extension in the Northeast in a fun way.

Anyone with an internet connection is invited to watch this exciting event hosted by the Northeastern IPM Center. Each day will consist of one 90-minute session. You may register to attend one or both days. Below is a list of projects that will be discussed during each session. The conference will take place via Zoom and will be recorded for later viewing.

Conference Agenda

Day 1: November 13, 2023

Time Speaker – “Title of Project” (Funded By) – Affiliation
10:30 a.m. Welcome
10:35 a.m. Jaime Pinero – “Multi-cultivar grafting: A novel low-cost, grower-friendly attract-and-kill approach to manage key apple pest” (ARDP) – University of Massachusetts-Amherst.
10:40 a.m. Long He – “Precision spraying technologies for tree fruit orchards” (ARDP) – Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park.
10:45 a.m. Kurt Vollmer – “Using spring-seeded grass cover crops to reduce herbicide inputs in plasticulture production” (ARDP) – University of Maryland.
10:50 a.m. Leo Kerner – “Developing a perennial living mulch system to manage insect pests in Northeastern cantaloupe fields” (ARDP) – University of Maryland.
10:55 a.m. Q and A Discussion
11:00 a.m. Megan Schierer – “Operationalizing eDNA technology for disease vector mosquito surveillance and control” (NEIPMC) – University of Maine.
11:05 a.m. Dwayne Joseph – “Between and within: Utilizing biosolarization and living mulches to manage weeds in vegetable systems” (ARDP) – University of Maryland.
11:10 a.m. Q and A Discussion
11:15 a.m. Matt Frye – “IPM is for everyone: Enhancing the reach and impact of a virtual IPM education series” (NEIPMC) – New York State IPM Program at Cornell University.
11:20 a.m. Emma Waltman – “Exposure to insecticide drift in an insectary strip does not negatively affect survival of Trissolcus japonicus” (NESARE) – Rutgers University.
11:25 a.m. Q and A Discussion
11:30 a.m. Amara Dunn-Silver – “Increasing awareness of biocontrol as part of IPM through digital outreach: An update on progress” (NEIPMC) – New York State IPM Program at Cornell University.
11:35 a.m. Lynn Sosnoskie – “Integrated weed management in hemp: A multistate effort to evaluate practices and develop recommendations” (ARDP) – Cornell University.
11:40 a.m. Q and A Discussion
11:45 a.m. Debamalya Chatterjee – “Novel maize germplasm for sustainable pest management” (NESARE) – The Pennsylvania State University.
11:50 a.m. Rachel White – “Integrated pest management for control of gastropod vectors on pastures” (NESARE) – University of Maine.
11:55 a.m. Q and A Discussion
12:00 noon End of conference – Recorded presentations available online (www.NortheastIPM.org)


Watch the recording of Day 2: November 16, 2023