"Why IPM?" – A Video Series

This Northeastern IPM Center video series poses the question, “Why IPM?” Throughout this series, we will talk with a diversity of individuals from various groups to hear what they have to say about integrated pest management (IPM).

Watch this space become populated with videos and follow the Northeastern IPM Center as we discover the “why” behind IPM.

Our goal is to work toward a common understanding. We need input from as many people as possible. Please add to the conversation by leaving a comment and then share with your friends and colleagues.

IPM Experts on Why IPM IPM Experts on “Why IPM?”
IPM continues to be applicable in many aspects of one’s life. But why is it important? And what is to come in the future? Listen to these experts discuss their thoughts.
IPM at McGraw House: An Integrated Approach IPM at McGraw House: An Integrated Approach
Check out this video about a bed bug issue solved using integrated pest management. This is just one example, but the principles are applicable to many situations in many locations.
What Is IPM? What Is IPM?
To understand why so many farmers, homeowners, housing providers, and professionals use Integrated Pest Management, we need to find out what Integrated Pest Management actually is. Check out this animation for a brief introduction to the world of IPM.
IPM at Dilmun Hill: A Student's Perspective IPM at Dilmun Hill: A Student’s Perspective
Our “Why IPM?” campaign aims to discover the common motivation behind IPM use throughout the Northeast. The next generation of researchers, farmers, and experts must play a key role in maintaining this motivation for years to come. We spoke to the student farmers at Cornell University’s Student Farm to learn firsthand why they choose IPM.
Why IPM? Why IPM?
The Northeastern IPM Center’s new video series poses the question, “Why IPM?” Throughout this series, we will hear what people have to say about Integrated Pest Management.