IPM in Childcare

IPM in Childcare

Parents are worried about risks to children from illness and pesticides. But a team of researchers is working to keep those risks to a minimum through education about IPM.

The team, led by Edwin Rajotte of the University of Pennsylvania, received funds from the Northeastern IPM Center to teach and implement IPM in early educational facilities. To reach their goal, the team built partnerships between extension educators, early education professionals, facilities managers, and pest management professionals.

Lyn Garling, program manager for the Pennsylvania IPM Program and one of the managers of the project, said, “Training participants substantially increased their knowledge of integrated pest management and green cleaning. A high percentage also stated enthusiasm and intent to change their behavior related to pests and cleaning practices.”

For more information about trainings available for childcare personnel, visit the Pennsylvania IPM Program website at http://extension.psu.edu/pests/ipm.


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