December 2020

The December 2020 issue of IPM Insights.

December 2020

Center-Funded Project Promotes IPM among New England Beekeepers

A Northeastern IPM Center-funded project has given New England beekeepers better tools and resources for combating a parasite causing significant bee losses.

Cornell Offers Master Beekeeping Certificate

Cornell University is offering a Master Beekeeper Program certificate through eCornell, the university’s online-learning subsidiary.

Our Indispensable Pollinating Bees

There are 20,000 bee species in the world—4,000 of them in the United States and an estimated 420 in New York. Amongst all the bees out there, who is really doing the pollinating?

Asian Giant Hornet Threat, in Context

This invasive hornet’s threat to humans may be overhyped, but the danger to pollinators is very real.

Beneficial Pollinators and the Plants That Attract Them

SLELO PRISM has developed an illustrated guide that provides an overview of some of the pollinators you may want to attract to your garden.

New York Commissions Study Supporting Pollinator Conservation, Management

In 2015, New York’s state government assembled a pollinator task force to address declines in native pollinator populations.

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Spotted Lanternfly, an Invasive Pest Threatening Grapes and Other Crops, Found in Ithaca, NY

A population of spotted lanternfly (SLF) has been found in Ithaca, NY, just off the Cornell University campus.

Call for Submissions and Photos

Do you have IPM-related news or an IPM story to tell? Do you have high-quality photos of pests, pest damage, pest-management methods, or people demonstrating IPM practices?