Tick IPM #5: Pathogens Found in Ticks Collected on School Grounds and Public Parks

Blacklegged tick

Blacklegged tick. Photo by Lisa Ames, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org.

Live Webinar

September 14, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. (eastern)

Register at cornell.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_dNruF3UhSnanBfSMM0MTcw

The webinar will be recorded for anyone unable to attend the live session.


Drs. Gangloff-Kaufmann and Goodman will discuss a research project completed in collaboration with colleagues in Dr. Goodman’s lab at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. The purpose of the project was to determine tick distribution on school grounds and in parks in urbanized Nassau County, NY, and to examine pathogens found in ticks collected on school grounds and in public parks.

Drs. Lampman and Frye will highlight their highly effective Don’t Get Ticked New York! educational campaign. They will explain the impetus for developing the campaign, along with their goals and what the campaign has achieved.

Dr. Joellen Lampman & Dr. Matt Frye

Dr. Joellen Lampman is a Community IPM Extension Support Specialist with the New York State IPM Program at Cornell University. With a degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University, Joellen is a lifelong environmental educator. At the New York State IPM Program, she utilizes the clear knowledge-based, decision-making process of IPM to teach ecology and make a difference, one property at a time. Dr. Matt Frye is an Extension Educator with the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program at Cornell University. He provides education and conducts research related to pest management in and around buildings. Matt received his Master’s and PhD in entomology from the University of Delaware and worked as an urban entomologist in the pest management industry before joining the IPM Program.

Dr. Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann

At the IPM Program Jody serves as the Coordinator of Community IPM, with a staff of 5 that cover all the integrated pest management issues that are nonagricultural. In this work, she and her colleagues promote IPM-based solutions for pests in homes, workplaces, parks, golf courses, schools, and a wide variety of other places. Dr. Gangloff-Kaufmann chaired the New York City Bed Bug Advisory Board, co-leads a working group called “The Scientific Coalition on Pest Exclusion (SCOPE)” and leads a tick awareness campaign called “Don’t Get Ticked, NY”, which can be found at www.dontgettickedny.org.

Dr. Laura Goodman

Dr. Laura Goodman’s work has investigated mechanisms of pathogen emergence and development of novel high-throughput testing methods. Her research takes a One Health perspective on pathogen discovery and surveillance, with specific focus areas of tick-borne disease and antimicrobial resistance.

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