IPM Success Stories: Landscape, Turf and Ornamentals

October 27, 2017
Ideas for Your Nuisance Deer Conservation Program
Ideas for Your Nuisance Deer Conservation Program

Imagine that you could hire a consultant to help you deal with the ecological damage caused by having too many deer in your municipality.

July 18, 2017
Preventing Deer from Becoming Pests
Preventing Deer from Becoming Pests

Experts are using IPM techniques to prevent deer from destroying ecosystems.

May 14, 2013
Designing Stink Bugs Out of Landscapes

Researchers want to know whether the brown marmorated stink bug can be designed out of landscapes.

August 16, 2011
Swallow-wort Biocontrols Pass Test

Swallow-wort, a rampant invasive species in the Northeast, smothers small trees and native plants. Rhode Island entomologist Richard Casagrande is identifying natural enemies of this pest.

February 1, 2009
Living the Green Dream

Northeastern golf courses put IPM to work: Turf managers need strategies to comply with new mandates, lessen environmental impacts, and continue to attract players in a competitive industry.

February 1, 2009
Smarter Lawn Care, Cleaner Water

The Green-Blue Grants Program disbursed $12,500 to promote clean water through residential IPM. Nearly 1,000 homeowners and lawn care professionals in six states received direct training through this program.

February 2, 2008
In Hot Water

Portable immersion system thwarts pests of ornamental plants. In the $10 billion U.S. nursery industry, getting stock plant cuttings off to a pest-free start can prevent costly infestations and pesticide treatments later.