The Use of IPM in Beekeeping to Control Parasitic Varroa Mites

Recorded March 11, 2024

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Robyn Underwood

Robyn Underwood, Penn State Extension Educator – Apiculture.

During this talk, you will learn about the parts of the IPM pyramid as they relate to controlling the parasitic varroa mite, widely the biggest problem in beekeeping. You will learn about breeding for mite resistance, cultural and mechanical controls, and chemical controls that are both organic-approved and synthetic. These items will be presented as a year in the life of a beekeeping operation.

Robyn Underwood

Dr. Robyn Underwood received her BSc in Entomology and Applied Ecology from the University of Delaware and her PhD in Entomology from the University of Manitoba. As Penn State’s Extension Educator of Apiculture, she conducts scientific research projects to study beekeeper-applied questions and brings the results of the projects to the beekeepers through extension products that aim to make beekeeping a more successful venture.

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Background image: “Honeycomb” by prilfish, CC BY 2.0