Northeast Region Technical Committee on IPM (NEERA)


The Northeast Region Technical Committee on Integrated Pest Management (NEERA)1 is responsible for improving communication and cooperation throughout the region between research, extension, and academic personnel working on IPM projects. Composed of extension, research and teaching representatives from land-grant universities in each cooperating state, EPA, and USDA, this committee also plans and promotes the development of multistate IPM research, extension and academic programs, provides oversight on the evaluation and impact of IPM programs, reviews IPM related academic curricula and serves in an advisory capacity to the Northeastern IPM Center.

Membership: View the list of members.

Meetings and Reports: NEERA meets annually in late winter or early spring.

Priorities (PDF): View the priority-setting document generated by this committee. Updated March 2018.

1 NEERA stands for “Northeast Education/Extension and Research Activities.” NEERA is officially titled NEERA-1604 and was formerly known as NEERA-1004 and Northeast Research, Extension and Academic Program Committee for IPM (NEREAP-IPM).