School IPM Contacts in the Northeast

These are key contacts with regulatory agencies and universities in the northeastern United States. Additional resources and contacts may be found on the website of the Northeastern School IPM Working Group.


DEEP – Diane Jorsey
Univ. Conn. – Victoria Wallace


Dep. Agric. – Brandon Ranalii
Univ. Del. – Brian Kunkel

District of Columbia

DOEE – Joseph Walton


Dep. Agric., Conserv., For. – Kathy Murray
Univ. Maine – Jim Dill


Dep. Agric. – Rob Hofstetter
Univ. Md. – David Clement
Univ. Md. – Mary Kay Malinoski


Dep. Agric. Resour. – Taryn LaScola
Dep. Agric. Resour. – Trevor Battle
Univ. Mass. – Mary Owen

New Hampshire

Dep. Agric., Mark. & Food – David Rousseau
Univ. N. H. – Anna Wallingford

New Jersey

Dep. Environ. Prot. – Nancy Santiago
Dep. Environ. Prot. – Michelle Newman
Rutgers – Pat Hastings

New York

NYS Educ. Dep. – Daryl Andreades
NYS Dep. Environ. Conserv. – James Carpentier
Cornell Univ. – Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann
Cornell Univ. – Joellen Lampman


Dep. Agric. – Cathy Thomas
Penn State – Michelle Niedermeier
Penn State – Edwin Rajotte

Rhode Island

Dep. Environ. Manag. – Harold Puckett
Univ. R. I. – Peggy Siligato


Agency Agric., Food & Mark. – Matt Wood
Univ. Vt. – Ann Hazelrigg

West Virginia

Dep. Agric. – Peggy Powell
Dep. Agric. – Jennifer Shivley
W. Va. State Univ. – MaryBeth Bennett


Center for IPM (District of Columbia)

Marcia Anderson

Region 1 (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island)

Eugene Benoit
Rob Koethe
Andrea Szylvian

Region 2 (includes New Jersey, New York)

Tara Glynn
Lynne Gregory

Region 3 (includes Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia)

Fatima El-Abdaoui
Erin Sullivan