Mission Statement - Vegetable IPM Working Group

The mission of the Northeast Vegetable IPM Working Group is to foster the development and use of IPM as a means to achieve ecological and economic sustainability of vegetable farms in the Northeast.

Goals of the Vegetable IPM Working Group

  1. Identify and prioritize regional vegetable and strawberry IPM needs, in particular gaps in research, extension and regulation.
  2. Represent the views of vegetable and strawberry farmers and other stakeholders to the Northeast IPM Center.
  3. Develop, facilitate or implement appropriate research and educational projects that address work group priorities.
  4. Strengthen partnerships and exchange of information among vegetable farmers, agricultural professionals, and other stakeholders throughout the Northeast region.

We adhere to definitions of IPM and the goals expressed in the National Road Map for IPM (PDF) and the IPM Center’s mission statement.

Developed at the 2005 meeting in Harrisburg, PA