Steering Committee Membership Guidelines

Mission. As the Northeastern IPM Center’s policy-setting body, the Steering Committee advises Center staff on timely and effective management; approach to signature programs; partnerships; ways to gather priorities and impacts; and strategic planning. Essentially, it is the group that is responsible for contributing to the Center’s vision for IPM in the region. The Steering Committee’s small size, historical perspective, and representative structure keep it nimble and enable it to provide general direction for Center activities. It meets in person annually and via conference call as needed.

Membership Representation.

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Northeast Extension Directors
  • Federal Agency
  • Independent Pest Management Consultant
  • Non-governmental/Environmental Organization
  • NEERA Technical Committee on IPM, Chair
  • NEERA Technical Committee on IPM, Member
  • Northeast Agricultural Experiment Station Director
  • Northeastern IPM Center Co-PD
  • Northeastern IPM Center Director
  • Grower
  • Food Processing/Retail

Membership Terms. Due to the stable nature of the Steering Committee, rotation is expected to be minimal, with some memberships remaining permanent. Members with a rotating position serve for three years, with the exception of the NEERA chair, who serves a one-year term. Rotating members follow the rotation schedule of the Advisory Council. Once a Steering Committee member has fulfilled one or two terms, the Steering Committee will agree on a new member to fill the position.

Membership Expectations. The Steering Committee gathers input from stakeholders, determines broad policy goals and priorities, assists with hiring the Center director, and provides direction for timely and effective Center management. Members are expected to attend Advisory Council meetings and participate via email or conference call as needed. We currently hold four virtual meetings per year, but may resume some in-person meetings in the future.

Expenses. Members may request reimbursement from the Northeastern IPM Center for the following expenses incurred during travel to Steering Committee or Advisory Council meetings:

  • Reimbursement for travel by air (up to $900), train, bus, or automobile (current federal mileage reimbursement rate). Shuttles or taxis to and from these modes of transport are reimbursed also;
  • Hotel accommodations, including hotel rooms and parking, but excluding room service and phone bills;
  • Food and beverages, excluding alcohol.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed by check sent to the SC member; some meeting expenses (e.g., dining) will be paid for directly by the Northeastern IPM Center when possible.

Updated August 2023