Fall 2010

IPM Training Tackles Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, and Hoarding

IPM Training in Public Housing Authorities is a multiregional project that aims to strengthen communities and use integrated pest management to address housing conditions that threaten human health.

New IPM Research and Extension Projects 2010

The Northeast Regional IPM Competitive Grants program has awarded approximately $580,000 to support seven projects that confront pest threats to children, honey bees, and crops.

IPM Working Group Seeks Solutions as Stink Bug's Notoriety Grows

The newly funded Brown Marmorated Stink Bug IPM Working Group hit the ground running in June 2010, when its 30 members met in West Virginia to establish research, extension, and regulatory priorities for an intensifying problem.

IPM Voice Sets Advisory Committee

IPM Voice is an independent organization formed to secure the attention and resources that IPM deserves and needs.