Call for Nominations: 2023 Outstanding Achievements in Integrated Pest Management Award

Outstanding Achievements in IPM Award

Submission deadline: Friday, October 27, 2023

The Northeastern Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center launched an Outstanding Achievements in IPM Award in 2019 and is opening nominations for the 2023 award, which will recognize professionals and/or students based on their efforts and accomplishments in IPM.

The Center seeks nominations of growers, consultants, researchers, educators, managers, and college/university students in the Northeast region who are working in:

  • Agricultural IPM (fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, and livestock and field crops)
  • Affordable housing
  • Homes
  • Schools and institutions
  • Natural-areas/water-resources IPM
  • Invasive species

Criteria for Nomination

Candidates for an Outstanding Achievements in IPM Award are individuals or organizations whose work on IPM in the Northeast deserves special recognition. Outstanding Achievements in IPM Awards recognize effort in

  • developing new IPM tools;
  • implementing or evaluating IPM methods in their operations, businesses, or organizations;
  • encouraging demonstrations and adoption of IPM;
  • promoting IPM and bolstering the adoption of IPM practices;
  • educating others about IPM;
  • collaborative efforts.

Undergraduate, master’s, or PhD students showing outstanding interest and accomplishments in IPM are eligible for nomination. Accomplishments might include impressive research results, technical presentations, posters, reviewed publications, extension publications, or exemplary work with stakeholders such as growers or building managers.

Qualifications to Nominate

To submit a nomination, you must be a grower, consultant, researcher, educator, or manager working in IPM. Alternatively, you may co-nominate with someone who meets the above criteria.

To nominate a student, you must be a member of the research or extension faculty at the student’s university.

No self-nominations will be accepted. Students may not make nominations.


Nominations must be received by Friday, October 27, 2023.

Determination of Award Winners

The Northeastern IPM Center staff will work with our advisory council and the Northeast state IPM coordinators to review nominations and select winners, based on criteria listed above.


Students and qualified professionals are eligible. Winners will receive $500 each. Winners must provide a story (for the Northeastern IPM Center website and/or newsletter, and social media outlets) and/or present a webinar hosted by the Northeastern IPM Center before receiving the financial award.

For more information on how to submit a nomination, see the full announcement on the Center’s website at