Center Announces Two Funding Opportunities

IPM Grant Programs

The Northeastern Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center announces two funding opportunities through its grants programs, supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-NIFA).

For both programs, the application deadline is November 15, 2022.

IPM Partnership Grants

Each year, the Center offers funding through its IPM Partnership Grants Program. Funded projects must foster the development and adoption of IPM, address or identify regional priorities, and benefit the northeastern region at large.

The program supports three project types:

  • IPM Applied Research
  • IPM Working Groups
  • IPM Communications

Up to $200,000 in total will be available for 2023, generally with a maximum of $40,000 per award, although projects that meet the criteria for a diversity-focused competitive preference priority may apply for up to an additional $10,000. There is a 24-month time limit on funded projects.

The efforts of the Center are organized under six Signature Programs and four cross-cutting issues. In addition to meeting the general regional IPM criteria, funded projects should align with one or more of each of those.

To learn more about our Signature Programs, cross-cutting issues, and Partnership Grant application criteria—or to apply for a Partnership Grant—visit

Pest Management Strategic Plans and Production/Management Profiles

The Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMSPs) and Production/Management Profiles (PMPs) Grants Program aims to fund new and updated PMSPs and PMPs.

PMSPs are developed with a regional group of growers and other stakeholders in the Northeast to identify the pest management needs and priorities of a particular commodity, system, or setting. PMPs provide the production or management story, including current pest management practices, for a particular system such as production of an agricultural commodity.

We encourage proposals to develop PMSPs or PMPs for crops, livestock, forestry, or other systems that do not have a plan, or to update outdated PMSPs or PMPs (those that are more than five years old).

The Center is particularly interested in proposals for:

  • Low-bush/wild blueberries
  • Greenhouse food crops—including fruiting vegetables, greens, hydroponic production, etc.
  • Hemp
  • Integrated vegetation management (IVM), such as rights-of-way

Up to $30,000 in total will be available for 2023, with a per-award maximum of $15,000 (PMPSs) or $5,000 (PMPs). There is a 12-month time limit on funded projects.

For more information or to apply for a PMSP or PMP grant, visit

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