How to Catch a Spotted Wing Drosophila

Traps for spotted wing drosophila can be made from household items such as vinegar, grape juice, and plastic cups.

Use household items to make affordable traps. Source: Glen Koehler, University of Maine

Traps can be made inexpensively from plastic cups, or from pint- or quart-sized deli or yogurt containers with lids. Drill or poke about ten 1/8" diameter holes just under the upper lip of each container. Pour in one to two inches of apple cider vinegar, or bait as recommended by your extension service, plus one drop of unscented dish detergent. Place traps near crop plants before fruit begin to color. Strain collected small flies from the bait solution at least once a week. Check online fact sheets for pictures of male and female SWD. Magnification helps to identify male SWD, and is required to distinguish female SWD from other species. Check fruit for larvae (maggots), as they may infest fruit even before adults are caught. Dispose of unwanted or fallen fruit to prevent SWD from using it as a breeding site. For more management details, see:



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