Pollinators in Resources Database

A monarch and a bee on goldenrod / Source: C. Neal, UNH Cooperative Extension

The Northeastern IPM Center’s Resources Database lets you search the category “pollinator.”

Recent entries include weed management practice selection among Midwest U.S. organic growers; sublethal effects that could cause homing failure in forager honey bees, even though sublethal effects remain incidental in current pesticide testing schemes; and information about bee-friendly farming and how you can certify your farm, vineyard, garden, or beekeeping operation.

Earlier entries explore how pesticides could alter the susceptibility of bees to the gut pathogen Nosema ceranae; and how growers could incorporate pollinator conservation into a whole farm plan and then document improvements in pollinator habitat resulting from specific action and management practices.

The enterprising individual will find many opportunities.

Pollinators in the Resources Database


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