Spring 2014

IPM in Childcare

Training participants substantially increased their knowledge of integrated pest management and green cleaning.

Videos Teach Growers about Stink Bug Threat

Growers discuss the threat of damage in the recent video series, “Tracking the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug,” available for free on YouTube.

Spring 2014 Download

The Spring 2014 issue of IPM Insights is now available as a downloadable e-book.

Sheep and Goat Farmers Could Block Parasites

By adopting IPM strategies farmers can reduce the impact of internal parasites in sheep and goats and take advantage of valuable New England pastureland to grow their industry.

Resources Spring 2014

Resources from the Spring 2014 issue of IPM Insights.

Ecologist and Future Director of Northeastern IPM Center Ready for Long Run against Pests

Steve Young has seen a lot of challenges related to climate and pests, and he’s ready for more when he comes to Ithaca, New York in May to direct the Northeastern IPM Center.