Signature Program: IPM and Organic Systems

We develop collaborative relationships between IPM and organic communities.

IPM and organic communities share many of the same goals as well as challenges. Our Center organizes meetings of experts and builds partnerships that can lead to more formalized collaborative research and extension projects.

IPM and organic communities share many of the same goals as well as challenges, and have great potential to support one another and accomplish more together than what either might individually. Our Center is supporting collaboration between these two communities to build a more sustainable agricultural system in the Northeastern region and nationally. Our Center organizes meetings to bring together individuals from the IPM and organic communities including representatives from industry, nonprofit institutions, and academia. Through these partnerships, stakeholders initiate dialogue, form working groups, and engage in more formalized collaborative projects and research.

Initially, our Center partnered with Red Tomato (a nonprofit that delivers fresh, great-tasting produce while cultivating a more sustainable, ethical food system) to hold the first IPM and organic roundtable discussion in 2012 with 25 participants from across the country. Building on the earlier discussions and within an ongoing working group, our Center has formed partnerships with similar groups to maintain the conversation and collaborations. The Northeastern IPM Center staff participates in the national Organic-IPM Working Group, managed by the IPM Institute of North America, which grew from the first meeting.

It is our Center’s goal to continue to expand the number of IPM and organic researchers and practitioners working together throughout the Northeastern region. Our Center welcomes grant proposals through the Partnership Grants Program that strengthen the knowledge, “toolbox,” or audience base for both IPM and organic agriculture or that support collaborative work to address an issue with broad regional impact.

News and Information

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