Partnership Grant Resources

Partnership Program Application Materials & Background Information

  1. Download forms and application materials:
  2. All proposals must be submitted through the online grant database:
  3. Cornell University’s grantee eligibility criteria:
  4. Logic Model Planning & Evaluation Resources:
  5. Toolkit for assessing IPM adoption and impacts:
  6. Budget justification example:
  7. Frequently asked questions:
  8. Reporting instructions:

Funded IPM Projects

  1. Database of previously funded projects:
  2. An interagency database of IPM-related projects:

IPM Priorities Information

  1. A full list of Stakeholder Priorities including Center Signature Programs:
  2. National IPM Road Map:
  3. Pest Management Strategic Plans:

Working Group Information

  1. Current and past Center IWGs:
  2. IWG Priority Setting Guidelines:
  3. Meeting note sample: About thirty scientists gathered recently in New Brunswick, New Jersey and discussed the persistent, steady spread of the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB):
  4. Recommendations/guidelines sample: BMSB commodity documents:

Communications Information

  1. An example of a publication produced with Center funds:
  2. NEIMPC Guidelines for Center-Funded Communications Projects: