The Biology and Management of Common Invasive Plants in the Northeastern U.S. and Southern Canada

Recorded February 27, 2024

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Antonio DiTommaso

Antonio DiTommaso, Professor of Weed Science and Chair of the Soil and Crop Sciences Section in the School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University.

This presentation focuses on the biology and management (both chemical and non-chemical) of ten common invasive plants in the northeastern United States and southern Canada. Species covered include Japanese knotweed, buckthorn, swallowworts, honeysuckles, bindweeds, multiflora rose, and Japanese stiltgrass.

Antonio DiTommaso

Dr. DiTommaso’s primary areas of scholarship focus on the biology, ecology, and management of important agricultural weeds and introduced invasive plants of natural and semi-natural areas in the northeastern U.S. and southern Canada. DiTommaso has published over 145 scientific articles and 12 book chapters. Most recently, he is a co-author of the book: Weeds of the Northeast – 2nd Edition (Cornell Univ. Press) and Manage Weeds on Your Farm: A Guide to Ecological Strategies (SARE). He has served as Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Invasive Plant Science and Management since 2015.

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