April 2015

The April 2015 issue of IPM Insights focuses on Pollinators and IPM.

Pollinator Losses in the Northeastern United States

One in every three bites of food is attributable to insect pollination. With insect pollinators so vital to food production, national and global reports of their decline are concerning.

Pollinators in Resources Database

The Northeastern IPM Center’s Resources Database lets you search the category “pollinator.”

New England Bees Have New Ally

A group of professionals are protecting existing bee habitat on farms, open land, and in natural areas.

Perspectives on the Pollinator Issue

The Northeastern IPM Center provides the following synopsis of two prevailing views on neonicotinoids and pollinators. Our goal is to bring this scientific discussion to your attention, not necessarily to promote either view.

The Pollinator Puzzle - IPM Experts Seek Keys to Honey Bee Health

In 2006, managed honey bee colonies began to die off in large numbers without explanation.

Resources on IPM and Pollinators

Resources from the April 2015 special issue of IPM Insights, all about pollinators.

IPM and Pollinators - Coordinated Action

Government sponsors are coordinating the actions of researchers, educators, beekeepers, and growers in the field in ways that could help reverse pollinator decline.

April 2015 Download

The April 2015 issue of IPM Insights on Pollinators and IPM is now available as a downloadable e-book.