Call for Submissions and Photos

Katydid on camera lens

Photo by Judy Gallagher,, CC BY 2.0

Do you have IPM-related news or an IPM story to tell? We value the perspectives of growers, implementers, policymakers, and others on the front lines of pest management, and we welcome guest submissions for future newsletter editions.

If interested, contact us at


If Proposing a New Article You’d Like to Write

Please contact us at to discuss your idea before authoring a submission.

If Proposing to Repurpose Something You’ve Already Written for Another Venue

Please provide a link to where your work was previously published, or if that’s not possible, include a copy as an attachment. If it exists only in print form and you have no way of sending an electronic version, contact us to discuss options.

What We’re Looking For

Submissions should be timely and relevant to a northeastern audience and carry a moderate to long shelf life to accommodate our print medium and publication schedule.

Shorter-term news and event announcements may still be suitable for our other channels, including social media, so feel free to submit any details, links, and accompanying blurbs about any content items you believe would benefit our audience.

Keep in Mind

We reserve the right to edit any submissions as needed to fit our tone, voice, and editorial standards and conventions. Any cited material must be credited back to the original source, and permission to republish must be secured from any publication in which an article has already appeared.

Call for Photos

Do you have high-quality, high-resolution photos of pests, pest damage, or IPM practices in action? Your images could help us promote awareness of current IPM issues.

Email us your photos at, or if they’re too large to attach, contact us first to arrange another method of submission.

By sending us your photos, you’re giving us permission to use them, but photographers will be credited wherever photos are used.

The Northeastern IPM Center promotes integrated pest management for reducing risks to human health and the environment. If republishing our news, please acknowledge the source (“From Northeast IPM Insights”) along with a link to our website.