Center Awards 2020 Partnership Grants

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The Northeastern IPM Center partners with stakeholders for integrated pest management.

The Northeastern IPM Center has announced the recipients of its IPM Partnership Grants for 2020.

Projects funded through the IPM Partnership Grants Program must further the mission of the Northeastern IPM Center, address or identify IPM priorities for the Northeast, and benefit the region at large.

Each project falls under one of three categories as follows. Included are each project’s name, principle investigator (PI), and PI’s host institution.

Applied Research

Early detection of potato leafhopper damage using unmanned aerial systems (Chandi Witharana, University of Connecticut)

Necessity is the mother of invention: innovative approaches to northeastern hemp disease management (Heather Darby, University of Vermont and State Agricultural College)

Slug and natural enemy phenology in Mid-Atlantic field crops (David Owens, University of Delaware)


Developing multimedia materials to educate health care providers on bed bug IPM (Changlu Wang, Rutgers University)

Knowing is half the battle: Increasing awareness of biocontrol as part of IPM through digital outreach (Amara Dunn, Cornell University)

Working Groups

A working group on tarping and soil solarization (Sonja Birthisel, University of Maine)

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For those interested in seeking funding through this program, the Center will release an RFA for the 2021 round of grants sometime this fall. Keep an eye on this newsletter or visit for other ways to follow us.

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