Northeastern IPM Center Receives $4 Million Renewal Grant

Northeastern region map

Every four years, each of the four regional IPM centers must submit a proposal to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture and make a case for the work we’ve done and plan to do for our regions.

It’s an open and competitive grant process, and if another university or organization makes a compelling argument that they would be a better host institution, the award to operate a center can change. The centers have been funded this way since 2000, and it’s a credit to our work that we continue to receive funding.

Some years ago, the Northeastern IPM Center was a joint proposal between Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University, but the proposal has been through Cornell for several rounds of funding now, and the Center is based there.

We’re proud of the vote of confidence signaled by this latest funding renewal, and we’re eager to continue our efforts to add value to IPM programs and efforts throughout the Northeast.

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