Stink Bug Identification Kits Are Available

Stink bug ID kit.

When you first encounter what appears to be a brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), you might be wondering whether it’s the genuine article or an otherwise-innocent, similar-looking species.

To aid in accurate identification and education, the Northeastern IPM Center offers BMSB identification kits, free of charge.

The BMSB identification kit includes:

  • BMSB specimen in a bottle
  • Stink bug ID guide (Field Guide to Stink Bugs of Agricultural Importance in the United States, 44 pages, illustrated)
  • BMSB regional pest alert
  • “Specialty Crops at Risk to BMSB Damage” chart
  • Tracking the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug postcard with link to video series on YouTube and
  • “IPM for the BMSB” reprint from the IPM Practitioner, eight-page full-color article
  • Handy carry-along bag

While the kits are free of charge, we do ask that you pay for shipping if you are requesting five or more kits.

To request a kit, visit and fill out our web form.

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