Summer 2014

Tick Management Tips

Many people have tick management on their minds these days, given the risk of tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme and babesiosis.

2014 Funded Partnership Projects to Target Invasives, Reach Latinos

In 2014, the Northeastern IPM Center awarded $300,000 for research and outreach through IPM Partnership Grants.

New Opportunities in National Pest Management Program

On May 19, the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture released their Request for Applications for the 2014 Crop Protection and Pest Management Program.

New StopPests Team Member Leaving Garden to Tackle Pests in Affordable Housing

The newest member to join the StopPests team is bringing her experience with horticulture to affordable housing.

Schools Find Online School IPM Best Management Practices Worth the Investment in Time and Training

Ninety-three percent of participants in trainings and focus groups felt that the investment of time and training for IPM best management practices would be worth the effort for schools.

Newly Developed Biopesticide Effectively Kills Bed Bugs

A team led by Nina Jenkins, Penn State, has found that the fungal biopesticide I93-825 spray is effective against bed bugs.