Collaborative Support for Verifiable School IPM Adoption

The 2013 Partnership Grant, Northeast School IPM Working Group: Collaborative Support for Verifiable School IPM Adoption, was co-led by Carol Westinghouse, Informed Green Solutions and Lynn Braband, Cornell University. The Northeast School IPM Working Group (NESIWG) includes broad representation of organizations and agencies serving schools throughout the Northeastern states. During the grant period the working group met monthly through conference call to share information, update one another on progress, strategize ways to increase engagement with school facilities managers and other school IPM implementers. The working group had an in person meeting in October 2013. The group also revised the School IPM webpage to feature projects, reports, and resources in order to aid facilities staff in adopting and managing IPM programs. They were also integral partners in piloting and providing technical assistance for the webpage.

During the grant period the NESIWG website saw an increase in unique page views by over 110%, the average time on a page increased by 70%, and page views were up 123%.

The members of the group continue to work in School IPM by providing updated tools and resources to schools and facility managers.