Evaluation Resource Guide

Below are several resources to help you with the logic model and evaluation sections of your proposal to the Northeastern IPM Center Partnership Grants Program.

A Toolkit for Assessing IPM Outcomes and Impacts

This toolset caters to an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) audience including agricultural, structural, urban, or natural settings. This resource is for researchers and extension scientists with a background in agriculture or natural science, who are preparing proposals for conducting studies requiring evaluations. It is designed for those with little or no prior training in evaluation methodologies in the social sciences or economics.

CCEPDC 107 Program Logic Models Webinar

These webinars provide a good base of understanding about why logic models were developed, the requirements for federal grants, and how to develop your own logic model.

Short Overview (8 min)


Part I (39 min)


Part II (1 h 9 min)


CCEPDC 142 Getting Started with Program Evaluation

This webinar is a basic overview of program evaluation. Experts review different types of evaluation, the evaluation process, how to integrate evaluation into program design and when and how different evaluation methods should be used. The course is approximately 48 minutes.

CCEPDC 144 Data Collection Instrument Design

Basic class on survey design. In this webinar, the presenter reviews the development cycle for survey design including critical requirements for survey development, creating administration protocols, common challenges, and mistakes. The course is approximately 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Writing Better Outcomes

This USDA-NIFA PDF outlines strategies for effectively communicating outcomes and impacts: